6 natural herbs for sleep well

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These plants can be used, as expected, as medicinal herbs for sleep disorders, internal tension and restlessness or simply for relaxing. Downhills are usually characterized by a high dependency potential, because the plant world is not a big exception. Of course, some plants are more searching than others, the more subtle the effect, the less the dependency potential.

Here are 6 herbal sleepers ….

1) Helmet (Scutellaria lateriflora)

Helmet can be consumed both orally and inhalatively. It acts sedatively, according to some reports similar to benzodiazepines. A mood-brightening, relaxing and somewhat blunting effect can occur. It is recommended to buy either pure herbs or an extract.

2). Honeysuckle (Hieracium pilosella)

Small Habitskraut or Behaartes Habichtskraut is not very widespread as a sedative. It has, however, an euphoric, calming effect and is sometimes smoked, sometimes consumed as tea or in capsules. Rarely there are also hawkweed extracts to buy.

3) Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

Kratom is one of the most famous sedative plants. The active substances act opioid and the addictive potential of Kratom is by no means as high as that of other representatives of the opioids, but still should not be underestimated. Kratom can very well to used for sleep disorder. Depending on the type and dose, Kratom acts more sedating or lentender, higher doses usually generally downend and the maeng da kratom varieties are known for their sedative effect. You can buy maeng da Kratom from online vendors.

4) Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea)

The Blue Lotus has distinctly sedative, sometimes euphoric effects. Pink and White Lotus is equally effective. Also from the lotus there are extracts to buy. In addition to the sedative component, Lotus also has psychedelic effects! These occur naturally only at a very high dose and are by no means as intense as those of the classic psychedelics such as magic mushrooms or LSD.

5) Kava Kava (Piper methysticum)

Kawa Kawa, Kava or Rauschpfeffer, is a very strongly effective psychoactive plant. It has various effects and uses as a healing herb, so it acts, for example, anxiety-relieving, pain relieving, muscle relaxing and sedative. It is used in various cultures as a drug and medicinal herb, most recently also in Western medicine.

6) Sleeping berry / Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

The name “Schlafbeere” suggests a lupenreine sleeping agent; this medicinal plant seems rather aphrodisizing and is often used as herbal potency. At high doses, however, soothing, relaxing, anxiety-dissolving and sluggish effects can also be felt. Ashwagandha is widely available and can be purchased as an extract (in capsules and powder form) or pure.

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