Sun protection

Unprotected sun exposure damages the skin and eyes, and can cause premature aging, age spots, and even cancer. Follow our tips and reap the benefits of sunbathing without suffering the consequences. Sun protection The unprotected sun exposure causes damage that accumulates daily on the skin. This memory effect, ie the excessive sunlight is recorded on the skin and, […]

How to avoid relapse in anxiety?

avoid relapse in anxiety

It is very common that distresses us think that after cure of anxiety it can return, and this makes no finish to heal or when as we did, back feelings simply for fear that again, say that we ourselves the generated therefore, so here I share what to do to avoid relapse. On the one […]

Mental Spa to overcome anxiety, stress and depression

You are familiar with these situations? “I spend the day thinking and mulling over everything” “ I do not control my mind … She controls me!” “Anxiety and Stress could be my second surnames …” “Sometimes I think so in the future that my head explodes” “ I spend many nights of melancholy stuck in […]

Tips to relax the muscles before going to bed

Stressful life and hectic days are usually the main cause of muscular tensions that continue overnight and cause disturbances during sleep. So, rest is not correct and the beginning of the day we increase discomfort because tensions build and our muscles are responsible to prove it. In order to reconcile a pleasant sleep, adequate rest […]

What You Should Know about the Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

When it comes to female sexual health, sexual arousal is important. The inability to get sexually aroused is known as female sexual arousal disorder or FSAD and it is characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain the typical responses associated with sexual arousal. The factors that cause this problem are many and they include […]

Tips for removing dark spots on the skin

removing dark spots

The dark spots on the skin appear benign disorders of melanin due to multiple causes and, once installed, are difficult to remove. Causes of appearance of dark spots on the skin They are characterized by a benign alteration of melanoma and are located throughout the body, but especially on the face, hands or exposed outdoor […]

Natural remedies to stop biting nails

Stop biting nails

Stop biting your nails is something that many people cannot get, we offer some remedies and tips that can help you get it. Tips and natural remedies to stop biting nails What to do to stop biting your nails? Possibly these tips can help end this problem: The most important thing is to realize or […]