Hair back

Hair back- Who of us girls never dyed his hair? But even the lightest bezammiachnaya paint destroys the structure of the hair. And this, sooner or later, can lead not only to the loss of their beautiful healthy appearance but also to dryness, fragility and even loss. If you decide to return to your natural […]

The best advice for your beauty

best advice

Best advice – Many people think that the secret of grooming is in a jar with expensive care products. But this is not so. Daily procedures sometimes prove even more effective and give our skin the necessary fuel to recharge, restore and counter the stresses that we face every day.

Rash on the abdomen

Rash on the abdomen

The appearance of a rash on the abdomen is always a disturbing sign of disruption of the body. Such a rash may look different, depending on the causes of its appearance. It appears in both children and adults (see ” Rash on the body of an adult “). In appearance, the rash is manifested:

How to celebrate a winter’s birthday? Top 5 best ideas!

winter’s birthday

We transform winter’s birthday into an unforgettable holiday! So, you are lucky to be born in the winter. Why are you lucky? Because the New Year tree, which will last until the first of March (in extreme cases – until February 23), of course, will be an excellent festive and cheerful entourage. And secondly … […]