Apply the varnish

What is common between nail polish and a machine? Is it just an anecdote in which the lady made a manicure under the color of the next “Porsche”? Not at all. It turns out that if it were not for the invention of the four-wheeled iron horse, women would still paint their nails with a […]

How to celebrate a winter birthday? 5 best ideas

winter birthday

We transform winter birthday into an unforgettable holiday! So, you are lucky to be born in the winter. Why are you lucky? Because the New Year tree, which will last until the first of March (in extreme cases – until February 23), of course, will be an excellent festive and cheerful entourage. And secondly … […]

5 simple and homemade exercises to shape your figure

homemade exercises

Homemade exercises, it is very important that we find the middle term so that, if we are not accustomed to exercising, we adopt an integral routine that allows us to see results little by little without injuring ourselves.

The Best Day Spa in Dallas

Day Spa

Woodhouse Day Spa There is nothing like getting a good facial. You see immediate results, and so does everyone else. One solution for consistently flawless skin is the Minkyti facial. For 80 minutes, your face becomes the focus. Lines around the lips? An anti-aging mask is applied for that. Overall dullness bringing you down? Cue […]

7 tips to keep your face without spots

keep your face without spots

keep your face without spots, ┬áif you want to show off a beautiful face without having to worry about the imperfections that usually appear due to different factors such as environmental pollution and bad habits. Would you like to know 7 tips to keep your face without blemishes? Well, then you have come to the […]

The 7 Best Healthy Lifestyles Children and Adults

healthy Lifestyles

The healthy lifestyles of adults and children are healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity in and avoiding bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol. Leading a healthy life is essential to keep you healthy, prevent disease, be productive, happy and maintain good relationships with your close people. In a complementary way, there are several […]

How to prevent brain stroke

brain stroke

Last Thursday, October 29, World Brain stroke Injury Day was celebrated, an illness that is increasingly common in our society. It is what is known as stroke or cerebral infarction. This disorder usually causes more deaths in women than in men, in particular, they are 60%, compared to 40% of men. Rapid intervention after the […]