Talking to Your Doctor About Anxiety Medications

What are the symptoms of nervousness

Talking to your doctor about anxiety medications can be a challenge experience; it’s even natural to feel a little anxious at the thought of painting such an intimate portrait of what’s going on in your head to someone else. However, if you find that your anxiety symptoms are starting to devour more and more of […]

How to Connect With Your Partner? 12 Effective Keys to Happen It

how to connect with your partner

Connecting with our partners is sometimes not an easy task. Not because we don’t want to, but because we know exactly what to do and what not to do on how to connect with your partner. Fortunately, here we have the solution. Next, we will see several keys to connect with your partner, fundamental to […]

How to Overcome Generalized Anxiety Disorder

How to overcome generalized anxiety disorder

The generalized anxiety disorder, unlike other anxiety disorders, is characterized by a constant concern about various events and situations in which the person feels they can not control. This type of anxiety lasts over time, and generally, the person who suffers from it has a history of anxiety prior to the development of the said […]

What Are the Best Sports for Anxiety Reduction?

sports for anxiety

Knowing which is the best sport for people with anxiety will allow you to choose the right physical activity to help mitigate this condition and its annoying symptoms. However, you must be clear that anxiety, when it is not something specific, must be treated by a specialist who has the necessary resources for it. Exercise, […]

What Are the Symptoms of Nervousness and Treat Quickly

What are the symptoms of nervousness

With the exception of those who have nerves of steel, most of us have ever felt that feeling of anxiety when you are about to enter an important job interview, face a final exam or play a great sports competition. What are the symptoms of nervousness? All these situations cause nerves, a tickling, sweating and […]

How to Cure Anxiety With Reiki? Step by Step Process

How to cure anxiety with reiki

When our head or stomach hurts, for example, it is very common to bring our hands to this place, as if in this way we would relieve the pain. This is the way of acting of reiki, with the hands. Do you know how to cure anxiety with reiki? It is an ancient healing technique […]

Prescription for Stress Relief: Chocolate

Stress Relief Chocolate

Want to reduce high blood pressure without giving up your favorite foods, exercising more or shedding pounds?  Then you might love this scientifically supported method to reduce hypertension:  eating chocolate. Researchers at Rio de Janeiro State University found that people who were overweight and suffering from high blood pressure found relief in the sweetest of […]