How to Love Someone With Anxiety? 11 Practical Tips

how to love someone with anxiety

Anxiety is not a behavior or a mere whim that some have. It is really a disorder that millions of people suffer around the world, and that makes us think a thousand times the same thing. We feel insecure, afraid, but then we calm down. But then our mind attacks us again with scenarios that […]

Shen Men Piercing for Anxiety and Migraine Relief

shen men piercing

Various ways of expressing our feelings, beliefs, ideologies and even tastes have existed for a long time. The art of tattooing and shen men piercing are one of the most relevant for relieving anxiety. Piercing for men 2019 has always been one of the biggest attractions among society. It is said that depending on the […]

How to Control Bipolar Anger? 7 Incredible and Effective Tips

How to control bipolar anger

Living with a person with bipolar disorder can be very complicated, especially if it is someone very close. Many factors can influence your status, and you could be of great help. You will need to know how to control bipolar anger. This way, you will avoid situations that aggravate your condition, trying to reduce the […]

Techniques to lower the general level of anxiety

level of anxiety

The level of anxiety that the human organism can bear with ease and without paying the price of undesirable side effects, is more limited than our culture, based on productivity, duty, ambition and competition, is willing to admit. We have been able to believe that we can be distressed and we can endure without the […]

How can employers reduce stress in the workplace?

How can employers reduce stress in the workplace

Like it or not, most of our days are spent at work, to which we dedicate at least eight hours a day, 40 a week. And when employment is a source of stress. Anxiety overrides the work schedule and affects the worker’s personal life, affecting their health, their relationships, and their quality of life. Discover […]

8 lavender tea benefits: Learn to make it yourself

lavender tea benefits

Did you know that lavender tea is a very effective remedy for relieving headaches related to premenstrual syndrome, winter depression? It also helps us reduce anxiety. It seems that every day more people discover (re-discover and re-value) the many advantages of drinking herbal teas. Do you know the lavender tea benefits and what it is […]