Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety the Easy Way

Public Speaking

Overcoming public speaking anxiety is not an easy task. Your knees shake, your hands sweat, and your heart pumps even faster than you can count; but if you have the determination to succeed on stage, overcoming public speaking anxiety is a breeze. There are a lot of reasons why your fear is triggered when you […]

No More Anxiety Sweat; It’s Upsetting

Anxiety Sweat

Ever thought of anxiety sweat? Out of the blue, your boss ask you to address a group of furious personnel or worse still to represent your company in an international trade fair meeting, what happens when a situation like this brings a dilemma between risking loosing your job or trying the nonstandard whatever? You are […]

Breathing Technique for Panic Attack and Anxiety

Breathing Technique

There is no doubt that with proper breathing technique, panic attacks and anxiety can reduce, giving you some relief. Breathing properly requires practice, patience and diligence. Learning to breathe properly to deal with panic anxiety attacks can be annoying for some people.. It’s very easy to put it off. It’s very easy to cut short […]

Treating Anxiety Attacks Can Change Your Life

Treating Anxiety

Many who suffer from panic and anxiety attacks have given up hope finding any salvation. Some studies have shown that a majority of those who suffer from panic and anxiety attacks have given up trying to find a way to regain life without them. If you are one of them, you will be happy to […]

Anxiety Treatment – How to Shop for a Therapist to Treat Your Anxiety

Anxiety Treatment

Shop around! If you have a friend who has sought therapy, ask him/her for a referral. Even if your friend’s therapist isn’t available, you can ask the therapist for a recommendation to another therapist. You can also check out the phone book or online (under “psychologists”, “counselors” or “mental health”) for therapists in your area. […]

How to Overcome Exam Stress Nerves and Anxiety

Exam Stress

It is perfectly natural to be nervous during an examination but you may need to overcome exam stress if your stressed state interferes with your ability to perform well. Overcoming this anxiety can make taking a test for certification or academic testing easier than you ever imagined. Objectivity Examination The first step is to take […]