Pea puree: how to prepare it with 2 recipes

Pea puree

There is no simpler and faster recipe than pea puree. In fact, you only need a few minutes, a few ingredients, and a blender. It’s a perfect side dish for any protein dish, whether it’s meat, fish, or tofu. In addition to giving the dish a lively aspect, it acts as a garnish and accompanying […]

Mediterranean diet cookbook: How to prepare a Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet cookbook

Although the Mediterranean diet includes cereals and, therefore, gluten, we can avoid them if we are celiac or have some type of intolerance and take advantage of the rest of its benefits.

How to make rice milk

How to make rice milk

INGREDIENTS RICE 100 gr WATER 1 liter VANILLA 1 pod The calories refer to 100 grams of the product The rice milk made at home is a ‘ vegetable alternative to the classic cow’s milk, a food which by now most adults are intolerant. Free of lactose and specific milk proteins which, in particular, make […]

Nasal fracture: symptoms, complications, and treatments

Nasal fracture

The nose is a structure of bone and cartilage tissue responsible for allowing air to enter and exit the lungs. Due to their anatomical location, the nasal bones are affected more frequently than any other bone in the face. Are you interested in knowing the symptoms, complications, and treatments of nasal fracture? Nasal fracture is […]

Properties and Benefits of Turkey Eggs

Turkey Eggs

The turkey is a species of bird native to North America. Specimens that still live freely in the wild are called wild turkeys, while domestic birds are called domestic turkeys or simply turkeys but both are the exact same species. Turkey eggs are rich in protein, iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 and are one […]

Tips for memory pillow

memory pillow

Young and old among us already know all the advantages of the memory pillow. Who among us does not remember the old wool pillows, or even the foam rubber ones? Who does not remember how these pillows deformed or even had to be opened, and it was necessary to extract the wool, let it dry […]

How to store radishes: useful tips

How to store radishes

Radish is a seasonal vegetable. Everybody knows. Juicy, light, crunchy. How to store radishes? To enjoy the spring flavor in winter, there are several ways. What varieties of radish can be stored until spring Not all radish varieties are suitable for long-term storage. Spring at the beginning of a month will turn into rags, despite […]