Tai chi exercises: Why is tai chi used to improve balance?

Tai chi exercises

Tai chi exercises-Tai chi is a martial art that is based on movements made in a slow, fluid. And precise way. Among other benefits, it is useful to improve the balance. In the following article, we will discover everything

5 health problems that you should avoid in your own or rented apartment to prevent diseases

health problems

Health problems– In a way, our home is like a second skin. A healthy living environment is a key component to a full life. So how can this environment be created? By addressing

Fluid retention: some tips to eliminate them in the healthiest way

Fluid retention

Fluid retention– Previously in Catatonic we stopped in the best way to prevent the retention of liquids , but for many people it is late, because that retention a and exists.

Wound healing: what do we do when leg ulcers do not heal?

Wound healing

It often happens that we are applying treatments, consulting with a multidisciplinary team and following the guidelines of the clinical practice guidelines, but still we do not get wound healing in some of our patients.

From black to white: Use of activated charcoal as a dental whitener

Today, influenced by social networks and beauty standards, we seek means that help us achieve the desired results imposed by society. As for oral health, there is a tendency to use activated charcoal as a bleach to achieve a whiter smile, but what is the reality behind this miracle product? Activated charcoal is a finely […]

How to keep healthy – treat varicose veins

varicose veins

How to keep healthy – We will treat varicose veins. Varicose veins – a disease in which the veins are stretched, lose their elasticity, are not controlled by the current through them, if the treatment is not started on time, it can lead to complications – thrombolytic, thrombolytic, thrombosis.