Sun protection

Unprotected sun exposure damages the skin and eyes, and can cause premature aging, age spots, and even cancer. Follow our tips and reap the benefits of sunbathing without suffering the consequences. Sun protection The unprotected sun exposure causes damage that accumulates daily on the skin. This memory effect, ie the excessive sunlight is recorded on the skin and, […]

How to avoid relapse in anxiety?

avoid relapse in anxiety

It is very common that distresses us think that after cure of anxiety it can return, and this makes no finish to heal or when as we did, back feelings simply for fear that again, say that we ourselves the generated therefore, so here I share what to do to avoid relapse. On the one […]

Mental Spa to overcome anxiety, stress and depression

You are familiar with these situations? “I spend the day thinking and mulling over everything” “ I do not control my mind … She controls me!” “Anxiety and Stress could be my second surnames …” “Sometimes I think so in the future that my head explodes” “ I spend many nights of melancholy stuck in […]