Kratom tree fact

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Kratom tree is known as a herbal tree which is originally cames from Indonesia. But the record says at the same time kratom was cultivation in some Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia. At the first of 19th century, some European botanist says about kratom. But it was first recorded in a book of Latin America. At the first of 20th century, first lab test was done. Scientists found Mitragynine on kratom leaf.  Mitragynine is an alkaloid which is the main component of kratom leaf. Kratom leaf also contains more than 40 chemical compounds and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This makes kratom one of the effective herbal tree.  Find out more about kratom variants here

The trees of kratom leaves are usually grown in the tropical area.  The trees can be 20-30 ft tall and 15 ft wide in average. There are some special species of kratom which can be 50-70 ft tall. Kratom is grown from seeds. When the plants are being 1-2 ft tall the plant needs a few amounts of fertilizer and some good care. After that kratom trees are growing naturally. There are no needs for extra fertilization and care for these trees.

Kratom leaves are being 5-7 inches long and can be 2-3 inches wide. Leaves are being dark green there are also two kinds of kratom leaves. First is the white vein and another one is the red vein.

Besides kratom leaves herbal kratom log and root are also used to make herbal products. There is a big market of kratom log and kratom root. Some people are making kratom nursery to make money and spreading kratom everywhere. In Southeast, Asia government gives full facility and licenses to make kratom tree nursery and plantation.

In some countries, people also cultivated kratom trees. But their trees and leaves are not growing bigger like Indonesia and Malaysia. Because their environment and climates are not suitable for kratom tree.

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