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Medical research 80’s and studies on disorders anxiety have revealed soon and get much recognition, cognitive behavioral therapy. But although the term has become known, few know that the therapy varies depending on the mental disorders.

For example, the therapy for the treatment of depression is different in nature from that used for the social anxiety, because it is the problem to be different. So behavioral therapy is always active, structured, but employs different ways depending on a resolution of the matter. There are two, three methods to solve mental health problems, but also a host depending on the patient, it is so obvious that such techniques are not universally applicable. A thorny issue for professionals is to understand exactly what is going to do and how. They are all very capable of working in the best way?

As each problem is different and because the patient responds differently to methods and strategies, the practitioner must consciously guide the patient and help him overcome the anxiety disorder. Sometimes it happens that patients follow the treatment, but that does not derive any benefit: Why? The answer is another question: Have you received adequate cognitive and behavioral therapy? This leads to the question: What is the global behavioral therapy? And how it differs from the traditional one?

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The traditional answer is the restructuring of thought, replacing irrational thoughts with rational ones, usually through exercises breathing and relaxation techniques. Cognitive restructuring means learning to think rationally, to eradicate negative thoughts through specific steps. Absolutely you cannot say to a person suffering social anxiety, to stop making negative thoughts because the person consciously would not want to do it, and if it could cease. We have to use specific techniques to allow the patient to abandon those negative behaviors and give an automatic response to such thoughts. It will not do the patient repeats to himself, “Today I am happy,” since this is an irrational response of the mind in the state in which it resides. Therefore emphasize a positive thought in patients with anxiety disorder, is unnecessary and only proves that you need the help of a good therapist.

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The human mind cannot work ceaselessly at night to learn things faster, so you need to turn those negative thoughts automatically but slowly. To do this, patients must learn to catch the negative thoughts and make them rationally neutral, this leads gradually to transform these thoughts and make them more rational. At first, this process is conscious and gradually becomes automatic.

Cognitive therapy is not only a perception change process, if it did it would not work very well, as there is no single way of working, for example, it is not enough to relax. So it is up to the therapist to identify ways and methods to allow the patient to control their emotions. There are many problems that the patient has to overcome …

  • Low self-esteem;
  • Embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy;
  • Anger arising from past situations;
  • Perfectionism;
  • Situations that create anxiety and doubt.

We could define these attitudes “irrational beliefs”

Each of these problems must be solved because not just affect the everyday conduct of the patients. The therapist must identify the most effective strategies so that these issues are addressed and resolved. Obviously, those mentioned are not the only forms of anxiety, there are plenty of them. The key to anxiety problems is the persistence of the patient, which also undertakes to house, putting into practice what he has learned in therapy. It important that the brain to recognize these solutions and replace them with irrational beliefs, in other words, neurons must be able to absorb the cognitive therapy, this repeated learning, allows a lasting change, and therefore, the disappearance of social anxiety. These are the basic information needed, then, the mastery of these concepts and a good treatment program. And necessary to fully understand what is meant by social anxiety, to be able to cure, it is not enough to keep a diary or modify those irrational beliefs to end the disease.

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