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Breathing Technique for Panic Attack and Anxiety

There is no doubt that with proper breathing technique, panic attacks and anxiety can reduce, giving you some relief. Breathing properly requires practice, patience and diligence.

Learning to breathe properly to deal with panic anxiety attacks can be annoying for some people.. It’s very easy to put it off. It’s very easy to cut short your practice time. DON’T!

If you find that dedicating 15 minutes of your time to this is unbearable, then at least try for 5 minutes. You won’t realize it now, but this will help you later when you REALLY need it most.

Breathing Technique
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Proper Breathing Technique For Panic And Anxiety Attacks

Set aside time for this. Don’t be rushed. Be relaxed, and concentrate. You can do this sitting or lying down. If you’re sitting, make sure you’re sitting up straight as posture plays a part.

Put one hand on your chest and the other on your tummy. Take a slow, relaxed and natural deep breath through your nose. Don’t try to force or overdo anything.

Let this air make your abdomen rise, not your chest. Hold your chest down with your hand. Allow the other hand to follow your tummy, up and down.

Hold this breath for a second or so. Then release the air through your mouth, slowly, with pursed lips. Then repeat the process. Once you’re used to it, you can count to 3, hold for 3 and release while counting to 3 in your head.

For now, just concentrate on holding your chest down, so that you learn to do this diaphragmatic breathing. Practice getting all of this right. In a short time, you don’t need to use your hands.

Do This For YOU

By practicing, you will get better. This is for you, to help you get better, to give you confidence and strength and some control in a moment of need. You need to make this second nature.

In a time of panic, you may not think straight. That’s why it’s important to do this BEFORE it happens. Then, you can use this to help as a form of first aid. Since you’ve practiced, chances are, you’ll use it properly, instead of hyperventilating.

By using this breathing technique, panic attacks and anxiety can be calmed down. Focus and concentrate on your breath. This will eventually help you with your recovery.

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