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How to Cure Anxiety With Reiki? Step by Step Process

When our head or stomach hurts, for example, it is very common to bring our hands to this place, as if in this way we would relieve the pain. This is the way of acting of reiki, with the hands. Do you know how to cure anxiety with reiki? It is an ancient healing technique that has its origin in Japan, it consists of channeling the energies with the hands to achieve healing.

How to cure anxiety with reiki?

Reiki means universal energy in Japanese and is what this practice is based on. It is not a gift that some people have, but it is learned and anyone can receive or apply it. Part of the base that says the body is all energy, but this energy sometimes gets stuck. The imposition of the hands makes the energy flow again and the body continues to maintain balance. It can help heal physical or emotional conditions like anxiety.

In order to cure anxiety with reiki, it is best to go to someone who knows how to apply it so that it acts as a channel of universal energy to heal you. However, there are some positions that will help you control anxiety. We tell you some of them.

How to cure anxiety with reiki

  1. With your hands on your temples, you will be able to balance the two cerebral hemispheres, so that reason (left part of the brain) and emotions (right part of the brain) will be equal. In addition, it will help you release serotonin, known as the hormone of happiness, and in this way, you can alleviate feelings of frustration, despair or lack of motivation. In addition, it will help clarify the mind and ideas.
  2. If you place your hands instead on the back of the head, right where the skull meets the vertebrae, you will help improve headaches. You will release accumulated tension in the area.
  3. Hands on the throat and neck will help with communication. When you suffer from anxiety, communication with other people is often difficult. In this position, the fifth chakra that is responsible for verbal and non-verbal communication and expression is unlocked. It can help you to be more assertive and, therefore, to have more self-confidence.
  4. The blocked seventh chakra can create very negative tensions and emotions as in the case of anxiety. To unlock it, you must place your hands on the cranial crown. The hand positions in the head area help balance thoughts and emotions and have peace of mind.
  5. However, not only does the head act on anxiety, the heart also makes feelings stronger. With your hands on your chest, act in this area and once you have worked the energy, you will feel a lot of happiness and joy.
  6. Hands on the navel help to alleviate the well-known stomach knot feeling. What is actually happening is that the energy is stuck and therefore it has to be channeled.
  7. And finally, don’t forget to unlock the first chakra that is the base of the entire energy field. It is located in the lower abdomen and once released you will feel the stability and general balance.

If this is your first time performing reiki, it is important to take a series of deep breaths before you begin to make contact. Relax and feel the energy flow throughout your body. Then start at chakra number 7, the coronary. And little by little you must go down until you reach the first chakra as we have seen. To start, place your left hand on your left eye and your right hand on your right eye to address the third eye chakra or brow.

Put your hands like that and rest your fingers lightly on your forehead. Then first lower one hand and then another to the next chakra, the throat chakra. And little by little you go down and channel the energy allowing it to flow throughout your body.

How reiki works

The word reiki is made up of two parts: the first, “Rei”, refers to the universal vital energy and we are all connected to it. For its part, “Ki” refers to an energy that flows through all living beings, therefore, it is our own vital energy. It is the most physical part of the vital energy. Energy flows in our body through the seven chakras.

Although many people think about it, reiki is not a trick, it is simply about channeling the energies so that everything flows correctly to be healthy.

Through reiki a transfer or channeling of universal energy is carried out to anyone who requires it and needs it. Thus, it stimulates our body to restore harmony.

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