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How to Deal With Frustration at Work

The way we breathe affects how we feel and how to deal with frustration at work. Surely you already know the pros of yoga. It is time for you to apply yogic breathing in your work and, especially when frustration comes.

How to Deal With Frustration at Work?

The moment you feel that feeling of rage arrives, close your eyes and take a deep and deep breath. Focus only on your breathing, the rhythm, how your abdomen fills with air, and how you feel when exhaling and inhaling. Do it for about five minutes, and you see that your mind clears a bit and you can analyze the situation more clearly.

how to deal with frustration at work

Go for a walk and breathe fresh air

The most common mistake at work is to avoid getting up and walking for a while. But this is especially important when trying to get rid of frustration in the office. Instead of sitting at your desk, take a break you have, even if it’s only five minutes to go for a walk and breathe fresh air.

It is a fact that changing the environment can help distract your mind, but feeling the air in your face, seeing people walk, and giving you the space to be away from your work for a while, can be one of the most effective ways to change the feeling of frustration to something more productive.

Talk to a colleague or friend

If your frustration comes from work, or someone’s actions or words, then it may be useful to talk to someone else who may have good advice.

If you talk to a colleague about another person in the office, you can create conflict, so it may be a good idea to call a loved one or friend. If you can’t talk on the phone, send them a text message, just a few words expressing how you feel can help you overcome the emotion of anger and frustration.

Remember that one of the worst things you can do is keep your feelings because then they are bottled and eventually explode like a time bomb.

Write it down and analyze your feeling

When there is no time or opportunity to talk to someone about your frustration, the best option may be to write what you feel. Take a few minutes to write in your journal or somewhere safe why you are frustrated, what happened, what bothered you, and how it makes you feel.

Once you write it, you are processing the feeling and little by little. The frustration will diminish. Then, take the time to read what you have written and understand why you feel this way because, in this way, it will be easier to understand your feeling and overcome it.

The time has come for you to take control of your emotions and know how you can improve your life. Do not let frustration and your emotions make your work performance decline, with these tips you can learn to fight anger and frustration healthily and calmly. Remember that only you can have full control of your emotions, and it is essential that you do it during work hours.

What to do to overcome your frustration?

overcome your frustration

Situation: You must detect what has triggered your discomfort. What bothers you, do the reports, or not having finished your project?

Act: You must act on the causes of your frustration. If you think the report is useless and that it includes information that nobody pays attention to, you can propose to your boss a simpler format that does not take you so long. Also, you must optimize your time and have a few minutes a day to finish your great project.

Versatility: If none of the proposed solutions is accepted, or you do not receive the expected results, you must open yourself to new possibilities. Analyze your options and allow yourself to choose what is important to you. If your project does not interest the company, you can always look for ways to develop it on the outside or offer it to another company.

Decisions: Recognize the power of your decisions. That things are not right at work does not imply that frustration will dominate your whole life. Outside the four walls of the office, there is a world in which only you can choose the direction you will take.

Goals. The feeling that you can have control of the small goals you set daily will make you feel more secure and increase your internal control.

Perspective. Put the situation that frustrates you in context. Think, even if you feel bad, everything could get worse. Analyze the other scenarios, and you will realize that things do not have the gravity that you supposed.

Attitude. Change the way you think. Stop believing that you are a helpless victim which everyone takes advantage of and cannot do anything for you. Realize that in your hands is how the world perceives you and if you don’t like what happens around you change it.

Keep in mind that the more internal control you have, the less the environment will affect you, you will work harder and feel more satisfied you will feel when you have reached a goal.

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