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No More Anxiety Sweat; It’s Upsetting

Ever thought of anxiety sweat? Out of the blue, your boss ask you to address a group of furious personnel or worse still to represent your company in an international trade fair meeting, what happens when a situation like this brings a dilemma between risking loosing your job or trying the nonstandard whatever? You are about to utter the first word trying hard not to swallow it up, every guest is attentive! You’re almost there and — what’s this? Your hands are shaking and swiftly drop your little speech paper under your guest chair, your back is all wet and so is your face. Don’t sweat it, it’s only sweat!

Your body functions best when its temperature is about 98.6º Fahrenheit (37º Celsius). However, come to think of it, modern life is so full of uncertainties and so the higher the chances of anxiety sweat due to the sweat glands at our skin deep misbehaving when we aren’t armed. If only we could order that part of our brain that controls body temperature, called the hypothalamus not to transmit any messages to stimulate our bodies to sweat then we could be lucky!

Anxiety Sweat
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In addition, as much as anxiety sweat is confirmed to be nothing alarming but just a natural course that can’t be reversed, it can be very upsetting sometimes particularly if it is in excess; a condition known as hyperhidrosis. This could be due to over activity of sweat glands that could require special diagnosis as it could actually be a serious health problem. Conversely, a person who frets easily need not worry because it just takes him/her to stop this kind of frustration especially when the significant others are complaining.

It has a lot to do with self and not biological aspect, since one can learn to develop positive self affirmation statements that can be repeated daily to be accustomed in the brain in the long run. This is actually the answer to anxiety sweat when one is ask to give an abrupt speech in public, a student panicking in exam rooms or interview rooms. Examples of such statement includes “I can be strong, I will pass or I am intelligent” all aiming at building personal growth. Avoiding too much stress, by learning the coping skills is an important step. A victim of this fret sweat could seek a specialist therapy with a consultant who can listen and treat the underlying cause.

The best person to talk to is a psychiatric consultant who can help shape one’s character towards a risk taker, being vulnerable and removing the mask of self hate, rejection, and demoralization to the embracement of a positive visualization of self. At the end of the day the world is tough and only the strong and tough people last and that’s what you desire to become.

Anxiety sweat can also be controlled by learning how to relax before the situation causing apprehension draw closer. This can be done by breathing in, thus inhaling lots of air in the lungs and then exhaling it slowly until the tension reduces in the brain. Don’t fright because you are supposed to win that race, pass that exam, win that gamble there is only much you could end up losing anyway. Please don’t rot in that horrible fret sweat, there is light at the end of this dark nightmare!

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