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How to Change your Mentality to Stop Thinking

Stop Thinking-Many of your sufferings are linked to your own attitude. And with the upcoming vision of a new year that I hope will come full of emotional gifts for you, now you can do emotional cleansing to leave in 2018 all that is left over in your life and carry only what is necessary. How to change your mentality to stop thinking?

Zero complaints at work

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The work environment is very favorable for the complaint. Some people link an endless list. However, no matter what your situation in the professional field, if you stop complaining you will achieve important goals. For example, you will optimize your time and energy to achieve more valuable goals.

You are unique; do not compare yourself with anyone

Do not compare yourself with anyone in your family, your friends’ environment or social networks. This tendency towards comparison is a cause of constant frustration. Take other people who inspire you as a role model but not as a form of rivalry.

Examples of values ​​in today’s society

Perhaps you miss moral referents in today’s society, however, many people comply with this requirement of good behavior and improve the lives of others with their example. Father Angel, Founder of Messengers of Peace, is a constant reference in today’s society for his tireless social commitment. Try to follow the example of those people who urge you to be your best version , not only for yourself, but also for those around you.

What things do you say to yourself?

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Maybe, at some point, you have felt that you are your worst enemy because you tell yourself things that nobody tells you. You can be your worst judge but 2018 is an excellent time to stop behaving in this cruel way with yourself. For example, he opens the year by writing a list of positive and meaningful thoughts in a newspaper.

If you manage to correct this point, you will achieve the maximum potential of well-being in your life by ending this tendency to mentally crush yourself for possible errors or for details that you would have wished otherwise. Stop living under the perspective of a perfection that is very difficult to experience in practice. Try to treat yourself like you would with your best friend. Try to have more compassion with you because self-love is the basis of self-esteem.

Good things can also happen to you

This is a fundamental aspect in your life. It is vital that you believe that good things, from the heart, can also happen to you. They are not only intended for others. And to reflect on this subject, cinema can be an inspiration. The movie “Lessons of love” , starring Clive Owen and Juliette Brioche.

How to apply the Stop Thinking Method in pregnancy?

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The Stop Thinking method is based on the premise that concerns are set aside . In pregnancy there are many fears found, and more with those thoughts that do not leave the head. The fears and worries of all the responsibilities that overwhelm during this stage can make us collapse.

According to experts stop thinking so much, helps not cause so much stress in pregnancy. With good reason many people warn us that it is not right to think so much. Leaving worries aside is not easy, but it is something that can be achieved . We do not achieve anything with worrying others, we must put a stop to negative thoughts .

The worries and fears that assault the mother in a state, can even appear in the months before pregnancy. This implies that stress affects a lot in the emotional aspect and hormonal changes . According to fertility psychologist Victoria Martinez, when you try to stay in state emotions affect us.

How does the Stop Thinking method help us?

The Stop Thinking method is applicable to many situations in our life. However, during pregnancy it is especially useful. Positive and negative thoughts affect us in the same way. Just as being positive helps us, being negative hurts us . Our body does not let this kind of thing happen, it always finds ways to reflect it.

On the other hand, if a woman has the doubt that she will get pregnant or not, the wait can be long . Then come the fears that something bad may happen during pregnancy. By then, they have become an obsession. These thoughts occupy the brain of the woman day and night.

It is advisable to curb these unnecessary aptitudes or instincts of irrational protection . Doubting something bad that can happen to us is common, but it must be stopped with will. It may be that these thoughts take over the life of the pregnant woman, that’s why a Stop Thinking is necessary .

Woman thinking about having a baby

The mother who projects negative situations can be a constant source of stress. This damages both the health of the mother and the health of the baby. The anguish, the anxiety can cause that the childbirth is ahead or even worse, an abortion . It can also induce scares with unexpected contractions and losses without consequences.

The best way to master the typical phrase “And if …”, is to always be in contact with the gynecologist to know and clarify doubts. In the case of couples who underwent artificial insemination , the worry is usually greater , for the reasons that led to this action.

Adapt to pregnancy

When pregnancy occurs it is important to get rid of those worries. The feelings that appear before and after should give way to concentrate on the pregnancy . This very valuable process creates the link between the fetus and the mother.

Control stress and anxiety

Learn to control and cope with the accumulation of emotions and feelings that occur in different stages of pregnancy. Learn to change those negative emotions for feelings of security and control .

Enjoy all stages of pregnancy

It is evident that women do not understand them, especially if they have a very developed instinct. However, the important thing is that they maintain a positive attitude . Otherwise, it is advisable to seek psychological  support during the pregnancy process. For this, nothing better than the Stop Thinking method. Stop thinking with small tips that will help clear your mind.

It consists of concentrating on positive thoughts and letting go those negative ones that can cause stress. Take a short period of time to empty your mind , the room is a suitable place to achieve this goal.

Substitute bad thoughts for a song, the sound will not leave room for bad feelings. You can also stop the idea with your mind before it arrives . Stopping it with the hand, doing as a kind of mandate. Stop Thinking acts as a distraction and as a punishment for obsessions.

Techniques to Stop Thinking Too Much

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Look at a fixed point

Fix your attention in a small fixed point, approximately at the level of your eyes, right in front of you – it is important that your eyes look straight ahead -, and that it is not too close (at least 50 cm).

This is based on NLP . When your brain accesses images, sounds or sensations of your memory, your

You are not really preventing it 100%, you can – only if you want and make the effort – access your memory even if you are looking at a fixed point. But it costs a lot more work, and when you do this technique the brain stops bringing memories spontaneously.

Concentrate on your breathing

Put your attention on the physical sensation of air entering and exiting your nose. Try to capture each of the nuances of this physical sensation.

Little by little your brain will be focusing on the body and will calm the spontaneous generation of images and sensations in your mind.

This is the functioning of the Mindfulness Meditation , but nothing prevents you from doing it at any other time, even though you are not meditating specifically, nor are they the appropriate place or time for it.

I find this very useful in the office: if you are in front of the computer or in a meeting, it is very easy and discreet to concentrate on your own breathing to calm the mind.

Any other physical perception would serve, such as being aware of the touch of your clothes, or the beating of your heart. Or also an external reference, like the ticking of a clock. Although breathing is the easiest and most comfortable.

 Pronounce your speech internally

This technique is especially useful in those moments in which you are talking and your mind comes to many ideas (usually in the form of images) that you want to express. But as your mind goes faster than your voice, you get flustered and your conversation spouts, fast and disconnected.

If before speaking you pronounce mentally (listening to the sound in your mind, but without saying it with your mouth) the words you are going to say, your brain focuses on the sound of the words, slows down its activity and mentally prepares what you are going to say .

On the one hand your brain calms down, and has the added advantage that your voice will sound more leisurely and elegant. It is a useful technique for public speaking.

Scan and focus on the visual details

It consists in performing a visual sweep moving the head from one side to another, but instead of looking with peripheral vision, focus on certain specific details.

The objective is to fix the attention in certain specific points of the visual sweep.

Locate the position of the sounds

It consists in concentrating on determining the position in space of the sounds that you are hearing at a certain moment. This sound that I hear, is to my right, quite close, this other is behind me and to the left, several meters away from me.

The spatial location of the sounds brings you back to the present moment. It is similar to focusing on visual details, only using auditory instead of visual perception.

For this technique it is useful to have at least two or three different sounds, in different positions that you can locate.

This is the most practical and natural when you are walking down the street, or you are in the company of people, with friends taking something, on a busy day at work, etc.

Targeting through all channels

This technique consists of concentrating, using the different senses simultaneously, in what you are doing in the current moment.

There is a very typical example that often happens to people who think too much: we do something and then we do not remember whether we have done it or not. Did I lock with a key? In what square of the shopping center have I parked the car? Have I put sunscreen on the suitcase?

As your brain works at the top of revolutions, if you are doing something mechanical, your mind takes advantage to bring you things that you consider more important, so what you were doing you end it automatically and do not register it, so later you do not remember of whether you had done it or not.

For most routine tasks this is not a problem: nothing will happen to you because one day you forget to brush your teeth, or leave the office access card at home.

What happens is that there are mechanical tasks that are important and if they escape you can be a problem. In the parking lot of my work, a colleague forgot one day to apply the hand brake in a hurry, the car slipped and he hit the car of another colleague. And, who has not ever left the lights on and has exhausted the battery? It is not that it is the end of the world, but they are already a nuisance that should be avoided.

But even if we have done it, if we do not remember having done it , our brain will bring us during a good weird run-run if we have really done it or not, which is slightly annoying. It’s another way of thinking too much .

A typical solution is to check several times whether you have done it or not, but it is not practical because you waste your time and also from the outside it looks like an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s raruno .

It is also a patch for the problem: it is not that you do not know or forget to put the handbrake on the car, it is that when you have done it your brain was on to something else and, as it did not pay attention, now it does not remember.

What needs to be done is to guide the brain to focus on those trivial but important tasks, and this can be done by orienting all the channels of perception to the task. These would be: visual , auditory , kinesthetic and internal dialogue .

Visualize the reality

This is the most complex, although it is worth learning because in my opinion it is very powerful. It will be easier to apply if you have practiced a discipline that includes visualizations such as NLP or the Silva Method.

The first thing you have to do is to realize that you can “see” two things at once: what you are seeing with your eyes and what you are “projecting” inside your head.

Finally, stop thinking- if we want to live the present and prevent our brain constantly interrupting us with intrusive thoughts , in order to concentrate better and enjoy more, we have to put in path the mental processes that distract us from the current moment, and lead us to regret the past or worry about the future. There are very effective ways of managing our mental processes: in the medium / long term we can calm the mind by exercising Meditation , or attack the root of the problem by modifying our mental processes through NLP  or Hypnosis .But many times you do not have the opportunity. The untamed thoughts do not wait until you are about to make a meditation session, NLP or hypnosis. These ninja thoughts assault you when you’re driving, in the middle of the street, in the office, at lunchtime … They attack you suddenly and make you feel bad in times and situations where you can not spend time and attention specific to redirect them.

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