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What Are the Best Sports for Anxiety Reduction?

Knowing which is the best sport for people with anxiety will allow you to choose the right physical activity to help mitigate this condition and its annoying symptoms. However, you must be clear that anxiety, when it is not something specific, must be treated by a specialist who has the necessary resources for it. Exercise, however, is a factor that will help reduce the consequences of this disorder. In this article, we explain what is the best sports for anxiety.

Sports for anxiety

sports for anxiety

Relaxing activities

They are undoubtedly the best sport for people with anxiety. Within this category, we find disciplines such as taichi, yoga, Bodymind and pilates. In these activities, many of them with an oriental origin, not only the body but also the mind are cared for, offering physical resources, such as breathing management, to learn to control reactions to the adversities of everyday life.

Team sports

They are also good sports for those who suffer from anxiety. The reason is that in these types of activities it is essential to work in direct contact with other people and, inevitably, social relationships are fostered, which can become a very healthy escape route for those who suffer from anxiety problems.

In general, any physical activity intense enough to generate endorphins will be very beneficial for people with anxiety. However, there are certain activities that provoke introspection, such as running alone or taking the bicycle for many hours, which are not the most convenient. Thus, among sports for people with anxiety we should not mention those that favor introspection, since they could cause those who practice them to become obsessed with the thoughts that cause them discomfort.


However, from a purely physical point of view, aerobic-type exercises, because they favor more the entry of oxygen into the body, are presented as better sports for people with anxiety than anaerobic ones. A good advice for a person with nervous problems is to practice this aerobic activity, but try to do it in company and in a natural environment.

The hipopresivos abs

Here breathing techniques favor a very deep breaths, are also a sport suitable for people with anxiety. It is very interesting to do them once or twice a week, as a complement to another activity to which you dedicate more time and effort.

In any case, any type of sport is beneficial for a person suffering from anxiety. However, especially when this disorder is not something specific due to some specific adversity, but is already chronic, it must be treated by a doctor to prevent it from leading to depression, a serious disease that can completely incapacitate a person.

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