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Does Vaseline Work on Stretch Marks

Sometimes the skin goes through periods of intense growth that prevent it from returning to its former shape. You may feel itchy or irritated skin. When that happens, long, bulky, dark streaks form because the collagen and elastin fibres that hold it together break, become like scars caused by excessive stretching of the skin. Over time, those stripes smooth and the color turns whitish.

Stretch marks often affect self-image because we believe they make the skin ugly, although they are not a health problem per se. For this reason, many try to find a solution to eliminate them. Vaseline is one of those possible solutions, but does Vaseline really work for stretch marks?

These stripes are the dreaded stretch marks and not only do pregnancy and being overweight cause them, but they can also occur in large weight losses that happen in a short time or even during growth in childhood and adolescence. Stretch marks commonly occur on the abdomen, hips, breasts, arms, and thighs. They can appear to everyone at some point in life.

Does vaseline work on stretch marks

Petrolatum is a semi-solid and gelatinous substance that is made up of a mixture of waxes and mineral oils. It comes from oil, which is why it is known as petrolatum. In fact, petroleum jelly is a trading name but the most widespread and common. Among the benefits of petroleum jelly for the skin are:

  • Petroleum jelly has the property of sealing moisture from the skin, therefore, it is important to clarify that this is not a moisturizer.
  • Due to its thick consistency, it becomes a barrier against external agents. In this way, it prevents dry skin and prevents cracking of the lips and eyelids in cold seasons.
  • If you do a manicure and / or pedicure very regularly, perhaps your nails and the surrounding skin require a little petroleum jelly. This product will decrease the brittleness of the nails and prevent them from breaking. Of course, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you apply it when your nails are wet.
  • Many mothers and fathers use petroleum jelly on their babies’ skin to prevent diaper contact atopic dermatitis, as research by Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois determined that it was beneficial in preventing this problem in babies. This skin condition produces scaly lesions, irritation, and itching. It is also useful when there is already this dermatitis because it calms the symptoms on the skin of babies.
  • Another benefit of petroleum jelly is its protection against irritations and injuries due to continuous friction. Only apply a little in the area at risk of chafing.
  • When a patient spends too much time lying down, ulcers called eschar to occur. Curing them is quite difficult, so the maximum effort should be focused on prevention. Petroleum jelly can help prevent them. In addition, some medications used in the management of chronic bedsores irritate the skin. Therefore, doctors use petroleum jelly to protect the area around the ulcer.
  • One of the interesting properties, confirmed by the American Academy of Dermatology, is that petroleum jelly helps heal minor wounds. In fact, they recommend applying it to keep the wound moist and avoid the appearance of scabs, since they take longer to heal and to protect it from external agents that could infect it.

Petroleum jelly for stretch marks – does it work?

As we discussed in the introduction, stretch marks are marks that remain after the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. That is, they are scars and, like all scars, they are difficult to remove. And there is still another aggravating factor, that breakdown does not occur at the level of the most superficial layer of the skin, but in the innermost layer. In other words, once stretch marks do occur, all you can do is try to hide them as best you can.

So the answer to the question about whether petroleum jelly works for stretch marks or not is that it depends on several factors. If they are recent stretch marks and are still swollen, red or purple, this product can help soften the dermis to diminish the appearance of the marks. It also helps to deflate the most superficial layer of the skin, which leads to accelerating the healing process. Therefore, in the case of red or purple stretch marks, petroleum jelly serves to reduce them as much as possible. On the other hand, in the case of old stretch marks, already whitish and deflated, petroleum jelly can do little.

Does petroleum jelly help prevent stretch marks? The response from the American Academy of Dermatology is “maybe.” This is because genetics plays a fundamental role in the appearance of stretch marks.

The consumption of vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid has been more effective since the latter stimulates the production of collagen, a protein whose function is to maintain skin tone, elasticity and appearance. All this accompanied by a healthy diet to avoid sudden weight gains or losses. Still, if several people in your family have had an easy time to have stretch marks, it is likely that you also have them.

Use Vaseline for stretch marks

If you have recent stretch marks, follow the recommendations below to use petroleum jelly for red or purple stretch marks. The objective is to help the skin to recover and reduce the inflammation of the stretch marks, yes, make sure that the petroleum jelly is of high quality and that the product has all the corresponding certifications.

  1. Take a generous portion of petroleum jelly and apply it to the entire affected area.
  2. Be sure to distribute it in a circular motion. Massage also helps decrease the appearance of stretch marks, as it helps activate circulation in the area. So after applying the petroleum jelly in this circular motion, you will most likely see them redden more.
  3. Let the petroleum jelly stay on the skin for as long as possible. You can use this product regularly and add it to your personal care routine without problems.
  4. To increase the chances of better results, it is better to apply a thin layer of the anti-stretch mark and good moisturizer first and then a layer of petroleum jelly on top so that this moisture stays better on the skin, activates circulation more and the cream can act better in the zone.

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