The physics of Sport

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One of the best ten pin bowlers in the world is a physicist. I wonder how much this has helped his game. Walter Ray Williams Junior is the professional bowler who has won more titles than any other player and is based in Florida, U.S.  His nickname is ‘deadeye’ for his accuracy in bowling. He graduated from university in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in Physics. So, does it follow that if you’re good at physics, you can be good at sports? One thing that is true is that any form of sport and movement is good for general health and having a back garden that children can play in or a fitness room in the house can play an important part in helping you keep fit. It’s also something to bare in mind if you are looking to move house, if it has space in the back garden or a room to be used as a gym. If you are looking to buy a new property and are looking for a HomeBuyers Survey company then why not try companies like Sam Conveyancing.

You may not realise but physics has a lot to do with the wonderful world of sports. So how is physics related to sports? Youngsters often complain that they don’t see the point in learning about physics and that how could it possibly be useful for their future lives? But if they’re keen sportsmen or women then they should know that physics can be used in relation to sports. First, it’s helpful to know the definition of physics which is the study of anything related to matter and motion.

In physics there are laws that were defined by physicists like Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Such laws can be related to some sports today, for example, Newton’s first law that pertains to inertia can be related to bowling. In Sir Isaac Newton’s first law, he concluded that an object would remain in its resting state when it is not moved by a force and will eventually stop because there is friction. So, no matter how long or never ending the bowling alley is, the ball will lessen its motion and will finally stop.

Track and Field is another sport where you can see Newton’s laws in action. Like when a runner reaches the finish line, instead of suddenly stopping at the end, they will still be running for a few steps and then eventually stop. This is the law of inertia again and the first law of Newton.

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Basketball is a very popular sport in today and while the player could be a great basketball player without the help of knowing the physics behind it, but it will help in understanding some of the tricks they do in the court. The trick involving spinning the ball has something to do with velocity and not air resistance. Receiving a pass also has something to do with physics as it is related to the amount of force and speed the passer gives into the ball. The faster you pass the ball to the receiver, the lesser the force will be, the better the chance of catching the ball and not dropping it.

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When a player accelerates, it is not merely a case of moving fast but rather it is how much you change while moving fast. A person may not be told to be accelerating if there is no change in position. Momentum is also a popular term when it comes to sports, and it means the amount of motion that an object has. So, the more momentum, the harder it is to stop something suddenly.


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