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An introduction to medication administration

Medication administration plays a central role in healthcare, ensuring the correct and safe handling of medication is followed to support patient health. This essential task can be challenging, as there is a lot to consider. From ensuring the correct dosage is given to preventing allergic reactions and more, let’s look at what you need to know about medication administration.
Patient safety

One of the key functions of medication administration is to ensure patient safety. This may include maintaining accurate records, checking that the correct dosage is given, and ensuring the correct timings between doses. It may also include reviewing new prescriptions alongside regular medications to ensure there are no unwanted interactions.

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To make sure medical administrators are doing their job to the best of their ability, regular training is essential. As discussed by the NHS, healthcare professionals must foster open communication within a practice in addition to keeping up to date with developments in protocol.

Common errors in medication administration

Unfortunately, errors in medication administration occur from time to time. These can include incorrect dosages being dispensed, an error in the type of medicine given, or inaccurately recording timings. Errors can cause patients to become unwell with infections or allergies; what’s more, they may experience dangerous side effects and could take legal action.

Professional training is essential for patient care and a career in medical administration. Providers such as have a wide range of courses available.

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Medical administration and patient care

The training and development of medical administrators is a vital part of patient care and the overall patient experience. By providing regular training, developing robust procedures and regularly reviewing them to keep up with the latest updates, practices can create an environment that supports both their medical administrators and patients.

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