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Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels Naturally

There’s this certain assumption about testosterone in the media nowadays, it seems like testosterone is only linked to steroids or injections. Which in a retrospect is true, there’s a lot of athletes and bodybuilders who like to spice things up with a little shot of the mighty male hormone.

However when boosting testosterone levels, there’s nothing more harmful for your body than the injections and steroids. They might seems cool for the beginning, but when you eventually stop your cycle, your body won’t be producing anymore natural testosterone as it’s still thinking that you will get the T from somewhere else. After that happens, the usual steroid side-effects will be kicking in such as – man boobs, high pitched voice, balding, testicular atrophy and the other “steroid side-effects” that you have probably heard a million times before.

Here’s where I step in, as I’m basically addicted to boosting testosterone levels naturally, and you could say that I know every single detail about the natural tips & tricks of testosterone boosting.

During my research of the subject that has actually been going on for years now, I have managed to learn some pretty impressive tricks that will skyrocket the natural testosterone production – and I’m actually sitting at 1507 ng/dl at the moment myself, which is something that many people refuse to believe, and the doctors will just say that it’s impossible to have such a high levels without injections.

So for you to test the natural route out for yourself, I have gathered a list of 10 ways that will surely boost your natural testosterone levels significantly.


7 Effective Ways To Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels Naturally

1. Sleep – This is one of those easy things to do. You’ll only need to sleep as much as you can, and with the highest quality of sleep you possibly can – few tips to improve your sleep quality & nightly testosterone production would be to sleep in a completely dark and cool room, and to snack with something that contains high quality amino acids before bed. Supplementation with natural melatonin wouldn’t hurt either.

2. Strength Training – Numerous of studies have concluded that strength training will easily boost your natural testosterone and growth hormone levels, but there’s a certain way to lift the weights for maximum testosterone release – using low repetitions with high volume.

3. Manage Stress – When you stress out about something your stress hormone called cortisol will significantly increase, cortisol is a very catabolic hormone that will suppress your testosterone production significantly.

4. Diet – Your diet should be very high in saturated fat if you are ever want to increase your testosterone levels naturally – it’s a must. Guess what else will boost your testosterone? Cholesterol, yup that’s right the good old cholesterol will convert into testosterone inside your testicles, as it’s the precursor of all sec hormones.

5. Boosters – There are different kinds of testosterone boosters around, and I have never really trusted those non-organic synthetically made product combinations sold on the bodybuilding stores. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not using any supplements to boost my testosterone levels. In fact I have over 20 different 100% organic herbs that I cycle (use a different herb every day).

6. Meal Planning – There’s this certain phobia about eating among bodybuilders, as they’re told by the fitness magazines to eat for every 3 hours to remain anabolic. However this couldn’t be more wrong in real life. Dozens of studies show the facts that whenever you eat something, no matter if it’s carbs, protein or fat – your testosterone levels will plummet for a while as a result of that. So would it be kind of a stupid idea to eat for every 3 hours to plummet your testosterone levels constantly? After all testosterone along with growth hormone (which also plummets after consuming calories) are the most anabolic hormones around. To really remain anabolic, you should eat huge meals only once or twice a day, preferably right after your workout.

7. Sprints – Running sprints or doing HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) will dramatically boost your testosterone production as your hypothalamus (inside the brain) which regulates the hormone production, will go crazy and that occurrence makes your body produce huge bursts of anabolic hormones in to your body.

Conclusion :

This post was just a tiny scratch to the surface of natural testosterone boosting methods. To find a list of 100 ways to boost natural testosterone production, along with hundreds and hundreds of free tips & tricks to max out your

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