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Hair back- Who of us girls never dyed his hair? But even the lightest bezammiachnaya paint destroys the structure of the hair. And this, sooner or later, can lead not only to the loss of their beautiful healthy appearance but also to dryness, fragility and even loss. If you decide to return to your natural color, there are ways to do it efficiently and quickly, without harm to the hair.

Hair back to light color from dark shadesHair back

To restore your natural light tone from the dark, first of all, you need to remove the current paint. This is done with the help of lightning. Stylists offer a gentle option for clarification, as an alternative to a means to remove persistent dark tones. To do this, mix the clarifier, low peroxide, and shampoo. Then this mixture should be gently washed hair. After this procedure, the hair will become much lighter, while not being exposed to the harmful effects of the color emulsion. Read more: COVERAGE AREA: HOW TO APPLY THE VARNISH AND HOW IT DIFFERS FROM CHEAP

Now on the clarified hair, you can put a shade, close to your natural color. But if there are red or yellow curls that are different from the general tone, they need to be neutralized with a corrector.  If you are a natural blonde, you can gradually color your hair. In this case, the natural tone is returned after several procedures.

Hair back to light color from red huesHair back

To restore a light tone after many years of dyeing the hair in red tones, you will have to apply a means to neutralize persistent colors. And after the disappearance of the yellow shade, you can apply paint that is close to the natural color. Read more: What to eat before and after training? Pre and post workout tips

Hair back to natural color from light shadesHair back

If you are a natural brunette, but repainted in a blonde and plan to restore your natural color again, then you need to choose a hue for the hair that is close to what you want. The tips of the hair should be given a warm shade, painted them in chocolate or golden color.  Perhaps, after a while, brightened strands will appear, as one-time staining quickly disappears after washing the head. In two weeks it is necessary to repeat the painting with the same color to fix the result.

These foundations must be known to every woman who decides to make radical changes in the image. To change the color of hair without harming them is difficult, but it is possible if you follow the advice given above. Be beautiful and do not be afraid to experiment with yourself. The main thing is to do it competently and with the help of professionals.

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