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5 health problems that you should avoid in your own or rented apartment to prevent diseases

Health problems– In a way, our home is like a second skin. A healthy living environment is a key component to a full life. So how can this environment be created? By addressing these five signs of an unhealthy space. Or health problems that you should avoid in your own or rented apartment. By solving these signs or problems you can create a beautiful and healthy home where you will love spending time.

5 health problems in your rented apartment to prevent diseases

High humidity indexes

best health problems

A proprietary or rented apartment with high humidity (any value above 45%) can become a breeding ground for mold. If the humidity levels are high enough, they can also affect the walls and create an environment where mold spreads behind the walls.

Now we know that mold causes health problems, from chronic sinusitis to nervous system damage. Humidity also welcomes dust mites, which can cause allergic reactions, stomach problems and sleep disorders.


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The dust is not only a nuisance, but it also transports irritating mites that can disturb our nasal passages. And our eyes. Studies show that dust mites exert pressure on our immune system, weakening it over time.

The dust also contains dirt and particles from the outside, which may contain pesticides. And herbicides that are potentially toxic to the nervous system, for this reason you should avoid dust in your own. Or rented apartment. To resolve this issue see the entrada which places the department should be cleaned inmediatam body?

Water damage

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Most, if not all, people have experienced water damage in their homes at some time or another. Either by a dripping window or by a flood caused by a broken pipe. Any of these forms of water damage can greatly reduce the health of your own or rented apartment if it is not cleaned properly.

If you detect damage caused by water or a continuous leak. It is important that you repair it properly so that moisture and mold are not generated.

Poor ventilation

Poor ventilation

The energy efficiency movement is in full swing, which means that many new houses are sealed in an ultra tight manner. Preventing any kind of outside air from reaching the interior. While this is excellent for service bills and energy consumption levels, it is potentially a major health problem.

The toxins inside our homes that come from the air we exhale and the gas that our appliances emit must be filtered by the fresh air from outside. When one of these smart homes uses heating or air conditioning. It is not attracting outside air. Rather, it filters and recycles indoor air, leaving the toxins in our homes.

It is important for the health of our homes and bodies to ensure that our own or rented apartment is ventilated naturally. Or mechanically to avoid poor indoor air quality.

Intrusion or penetration of water and moisture

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The intrusion or penetration of moisture can refer to any form of water that enters your own apartment. Or rented (either from inside or outside), as well as its lesser-spoken counterpart, condensation. The water that comes in from the outside can obviously cause water damage behind the walls and on the ceilings. And now we know that water, even in small quantities. Causes mold problems. Water can also appear due to leakage from indoor plumbing.

If you are considering buying an apartment in Lima for rental purposes, you should pay close attention to these common health problems so that your investment is protected. Remember that in any home, whether in an own or rented apartment, conditions that affect health must be prevented.

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