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How to Cut a Cold Fast? Natural Home Remedies

With the arrival of the cold, the cases of flu, colds and colds begin to increase. General discomfort, headache, fever and muscle aches are some of the symptoms of the dreaded flu. The questions that many people ask themselves are how to remove the flu overnight, how to know if you have the flu or cold, how to cure the flu quickly or if it is good to take antibiotics for the flu.

As it is a subject that raises many doubts, we want to give you some home remedies for the flu and throat and we will tell you how to cut the cold quickly. Remember that if you have the flu, first you should go to your doctor to assess if it is a cold or this virus, then you can apply some of the remedies that we give you to find you better and cure the flu faster.

How to cut a cold fast?

Before knowing how quickly we can get rid of a cold or flu, it is important to note that both diseases have different duration periods.

The difference between the flu and a cold or catarrh is that the flu, in addition to headache, malaise and discomfort in the throat, is accompanied by fever and muscle aches. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t take antibiotics for the flu to get rid of it faster, since they act on bacteria and not on viruses like the flu. It is recommended to feel better is to resort to flu or pain relievers to relieve headaches or muscle aches and apply home remedies that will help you pass this process faster.

As for whether you can get the flu out in one day, the answer is no. The flu lasts 5-10 days, while colds can last a week. However, you can follow a series of tips to cut colds fast and feel better.

how to cut a cold fast

Remedies to cut off the cold fast

If you are someone who thinks that home remedies for colds never fail, here are some tricks that will cut the cold quickly and help you improve symptoms and feel relief.

Saltwater rinses

These rinses will lower the mucus from the colds, thus facilitating their expulsion. You can use sea water, saline or make your own homemade rinse by dissolving a tablespoon of salt in a liter of water. To use it correctly, just tilt your head back, plug one nostril, and inhale deeply through the other while applying the rinse. Repeat the operation on the other hole.


Steam inhalations with a balsamic ingredient will help you relax, breathe easier and eliminate infectious agents. You just have to boil water in a pot and add eucalyptus or bay leaves. Cover the pot with a towel and run it over your head. Inhale the vapors from the container until the water runs cold.


Ginger root is beneficial in curing the flu and cold fast, as well as in relieving muscle aches caused by it. Grate a little fresh ginger root and add it to your tea or infusion, if you want you can also add a little lemon juice.

Onion syrup

Due to its analgesic and expectorant properties, taking this onion syrup can help you cut the nasal cold. It is very simple: boil a liter of water and add an onion cut into pieces. When the broth has been cut in half, add the juice of one lemon and one tablespoon of honey. Take a glass of the resulting mixture every 3 hours and you will notice improvement.

How to get rid of the flu fast

Here you have a series of very useful and effective recommendations to pass a flu picture as quickly as possible. These tips will help you heal quickly and keep the flu from getting worse and getting more serious. Do not miss anything because they are very simple tips to implement.

Dairy-Free breakfast: If you want to heal from the flu fast, avoid dairy while you’re sick as they can worsen nasal congestion and thicken phlegm.

Diet rich in zinc: Consuming these foods during the flu process strengthens the immune system and helps alleviate symptoms. The foods richest in zinc are: red meat, liver, hazelnuts, chicken, turkey, dark chocolate, cheese or eggs.

Take a hot shower: The fumes from the hot shower help reduce nasal congestion and flush out mucus. Taking a bath before bed will also help you relax and fall asleep.

Use disposable handkerchiefs: Banish cloth handkerchiefs from your life as they are a focus of virus that you will be constantly touching. Head over to the tissues and don’t reuse them again and again throughout the day. This will help you that viruses do not remain in the environment. Get rid of them after using them.

Drink plenty of water: One of the recommendations, which is also always beneficial for your body, is to increase your fluid intake during the flu process, as it helps you stay hydrated, eliminate toxins and expel mucus.

Exercise lightly: You may not feel like it much, but it is only a short walk of about 15 or 20 minutes that will be beneficial and will help to get rid of the flu quickly. Taking a short walk will give you more energy, boost your defenses, and boost your immune system.

Gargle: It is the typical grandmother’s remedy that will relieve your throat inflammation. You can gargle chamomile, lemon, sage, thyme … Make an infusion with any of them and add a little honey.

Wash sheets and towels: As well as handkerchiefs, sheets and towels can become sources of viruses. Wash them constantly until the cold passes, you will heal faster and avoid getting sick again.

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