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Stop Smoking: Foods That Help You Do It!

Very often people (especially women) refuse to quit smoking for fear of getting fat.

In fact, nicotine, in addition to inducing addiction, has an anorexic power that reduces hunger and accelerates metabolism slightly by burning some calories.

So a few days after you stop smoking, you reappear with the taste and smell that inevitably make the most delicious and tasty foods look like, in short, the appetite returns. Now a days vapes are getting smart on the market, covering every type of vape juice, from the highest quality vape juice manufacturers.

Ultimately, the psychological factor plays a very important role as the need for replacing the cigarette with something else is felt and here it begins to eat continuously.

Foods that help to stop smoking

Stop Smoking
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To avoid fattening, it would be advisable to take immediate care of the food without placing itself on a diet (at this time it would not be the case), but focusing on a number of options that allow weight to be under control, such as choosing and prefer certain foods with respect to others.

Nature, in fact, gives us foods that contain nicotine and which contribute to some relief in the abstinence period while having low caloric power.

Additionally, it is crucial to eliminate the slags by detoxifying the blood and liver so that the cigarette craving decreases and the former smoker rediscovers its normal psycho-physical equilibrium.

Some of our nature-aided foods help us stop smoking

  • Foods that contribute to physical detoxification: water, green, broccoli, lemons, apples, garlic, artichokes, beetroot
  • Vegetables containing nicotine: potatoes, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes.
  • Alkalinizing foods: almonds, strawberries, beets, potatoes, aubergines, broccoli beets.
  • Foods that prevent oxidative stress: citrus, blueberries, kiwi, persimmon, pumpkin, avocado, tomato sauce, dark chocolate.

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5 foods to avoid to stop smoking

Stop Smoking
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At first, it is advisable to avoid some foods that would help to remind you of the time when you were smoking.

Here are the 5 NO foods …

  • Sweets: Sugars increase the need for cigarettes.
  • Red meat: Proteins contribute to the elimination of nicotine from the other to the intensification of its demand.
  • Coffee: It may seem discounted, in fact, it is advisable during the first withdrawal period not to drink coffee. The coffee awakens the desire for cigarettes, remembering the best cigarette: the one after the coffee.
  • Alcohol: Intensify the demand for nicotine.
  • Drunken drinks: The desire to turn on a cigarette increases.

Given the time you avoid drastic diets and prefer foods that help the body to regain its healthy and natural equilibrium.

Relaxing teaspoons to stop smoking

Stop Smoking
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Infusions and herbs are very well-liked at this time, so waste them!

They favor the detoxification of the body and control the cigarette desire.

It is highly recommended infusions and herbal teas of all kinds and genera, but low in caffeine or tein.

To be liked, therefore, herbal teas, ginger, pink canine and low tea teas.

Ginseng is also highly recommended that helps the body manage stress, relieves fatigue and anxiety by promoting the balance of the body.

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