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Young and old among us already know all the advantages of the memory pillow. Who among us does not remember the old wool pillows, or even the foam rubber ones? Who does not remember how these pillows deformed or even had to be opened, and it was necessary to extract the wool, let it dry in the sun, fluff it and then close the pillow? Today, fortunately, thanks to the memory pillows all this is just a thing of the past!


It is easy to say: the memory foam pillow is a pillow that, when you sleep, takes the shape of your head and neck, and keeps it. Memory, in fact, means memory: the pillow memorizes, so to speak, the shape of the person’s head, and keeps it.

This way, you won’t find yourself fluffing the pillow, re-adjusting it because you find it too hard or too soft, or because it flattens out and no longer offers you the support you seek while you rest. And if you are one of those who like to sleep with two pillows because with the one you feel like you are sleeping with your head too low, you should know that some types of memory foam pillows are a little higher than the normal pillow. So they are able to support the head better and take up even less space than normal pillows. Plus, you won’t have to readjust them to make sure they rest on top of each other in the way that makes you feel most comfortable, or comfortable.

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Memory pillows are made of memory foam, as their name implies. Memory foam is a particular material: it is an industrial compound made up mostly of polyurethane foam. Usually, polyurethane foam is a fairly porous compound, so other components are added to make the memory foam pillows, which make the pillow solid.

Polyurethane has many properties. The most important is that it manages to take the shape of everything that is placed on it and to maintain it over time. This is because the polyurethane molds itself through heat.

So when you use a memory foam pillow, the heat of your body is transmitted to the material of the pillow, which in this way molds itself around your head to guarantee you a perfect rest every time.

If you are surprised to hear about polyurethane, do not worry! You must know that polyurethane is a special material, which was created in the 1960s, and used by NASA to offer maximum comfort to astronauts. Then, slowly, this material became available not only to astronauts but to everyone.

Today anyone can choose a memory foam pillow, and touch how this material takes the shape of the body and returns to its original shape as soon as you lift your head from the pillow. In a way, using a memory foam pillow is like using a pillow that’s always new!


The cushions can be made of many materials:

  • wool
  • feathers
  • cotton
  • bamboo

foam rubber and other low-grade synthetic materials

To understand why memory foam pillows are different from similar products, it is necessary to make a comparison between memory and all these other materials:

  • Wool pillows need fluffing every 3-4 months. In practice, it is necessary to unstitch the pillow, remove the wool, spread out each fiber, let it air for a couple of days. Then you have to reassemble the pillow, which will finally have regained its original shape. The memory foam pillow, on the other hand, resumes its shape every time you raise your head
  • animal feather pillows are elegant and exclusive, but still made by plucking feathers from geese and other birds. Even though the feathers are sterilized, they are not suitable for allergy sufferers. The memory foam pillow, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic
  • the cotton pillow is fresh and made of natural fiber, but during the night the body tends to sweat, and the cotton absorbs sweat and retains it. Thanks to their special coating, the memory foam pillows are totally waterproof and do not get dirty
  • the bamboo cushion in spite of the material is very soft. But consider that, like any other natural material, bamboo could be a vehicle for bacteria. The memory foam pillow, on the other hand, is completely sterile and antibacterial
  • the cushion in foam rubber or other low-quality synthetic material does not last long, is uncomfortable and above all absorbs sweat, dust, and more. The memory foam pillow is much more hygienic

These are just the most important reasons why the memory pillow is different from other similar products. At this point, you may be wondering who needs the memory pillow. To find out, keep reading this guide.


Nowadays the memory pillow serves anyone who thinks that

  • hygiene
  • health
  • comfort

are important to you and your loved ones. So this product can be chosen by those who:

  1. is thinking about changing the pillow. We remind you that the pillow should be changed about once every two years
  2. she is moving house, and therefore perhaps she finds herself having to buy a new bed as well
  3. suffer from neck pain or tension. The memory foam pillow in fact gives more comfortable support, and offers natural support to the cervical area, helping – if combined with the use of adequate medical care – to alleviate this problem.
  4. suffer from muscle tension. Stress and overwork are often reflected in the body, causing unpleasant tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. The result can be a simple tension in this area, or real headaches, headaches, and more. The memory pillow helps to solve this problem if combined with sports, massages, or anything that can eliminate muscle tension
  5. to those who must give a gift to an elderly relative. Although at first glance this new material may be a source of surprise, we are sure it will be appreciated very soon
  6. suffer from allergies, By definition, memory foam is a hypoallergenic material, which eliminates the allergy problem at the root, if combined with adequate medical care

Don’t think that a pillow with all these properties is expensive. Memory pillows have a price that is now accessible to everyone. On the market, you will find memory pillows with a price for all budgets, so this is a product that you can buy too, at a very low cost.


  1. Choosing the best memory foam pillow is not difficult. But to make sure you choose the best memory foam pillow for your needs, our advice is to follow a few simple steps:
  2. different people, after trying the memory pillow different opinions: read them all, compare them, and understand if these people have similar needs to yours. Maybe you suffer from allergies and they don’t, maybe you have neck pain from time to time, or something else. The best opinions on the memory pillow are the opinions of those who have needs similar to yours
  3. compare the value for money between the various memory pillows available on the market
  4. always buy a branded pillow, made with good quality materials, and avoid counterfeit products or products of uncertain origin
  5. before purchasing, take your bed measurements, so you can be sure you are buying a memory pillow of the right size, neither too small nor too big
  6. verify that the seller accepts the return of the product if ever this does not meet your needs
  7. think about the position in which you sleep: do you sleep on your side, supine or face down? There are specific memory pillows for each of these positions, so the choice also passes for the position in which you prefer to sleep

We remind you that, in any case, the best memory foam pillow is the one that meets your expectations in terms not only of price, but also of comfort and aesthetics.

With this guide to choosing the best memory foam pillow, we hope we have answered all your doubts. If not, do not hesitate to contact us.

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