5 Best Home Remedies For Piles

Piles also known as haemorrhoids, are swollen veins in the anal canal region. When in their normal state, they act as cushions to control the passage of stools. While the exact cause of piles is unknown, studies have shown that factors that increase pressure in the anal area during excretion are hugely responsible for piles. Some home remedies for piles are listed in this article from online casino Australia real money.

  1. Triphala Powder

As mentioned above, constipation is a major cause for piles, triphala powder must be taken regularly to remove constipation and hence prevent piles from developing.How to use this ingredient? BN Sinha suggests taking 4 grams of triphala powder every night before going to bed, in hot water. It works like magic if one is regular in its intake. Triphala takes care of both by cleansing the digestive system.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has wide ranging properties like anti-oxidant rich, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Hence, this ingredient has the power to decrease the size of the piles and reduce pain in the individual.BN Sinha advises taking 3ml of castor oil in milk every night. It could also be applied in the affected area. External application and regular intake, works well to alleviate the pain and symptoms of piles. Castor oil has anti-oxidant rich, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, courtesy of

3 No Heavy Food in Dinner

Our dietary habits are often the root cause of most of the health issues we are facing today. Elimination of piles requires one to eat foods that would reduce constipation, which is the number one trigger for piles, and reduce pain. One must make sure not to eat food products that contain too much fiber. Fibre has bulk formation capacities. Hence it must be avoided. Similarly, too many laxatives cause loose stool, which would cause discomfort if one were suffering from piles. Deep fried food damages hemorrhoids further. They slow down the digestive system causing irregular bowl movement and increasing inflammation. This causes more pain and irritation. Apart from heavy food, spicy food is a big no-no as well. Especially in case of bleeding piles, they cause excruciating pain and hence must be avoided.

4 Increase in Water intake

This is the simplest strategy to cure piles. Adequate intake of water supplemented by a healthy diet results in healthy bowel movement. Drinking good amounts of water prevents constipation and thus piles. Having 8-10 glasses of water each day, make one’s digestive system smooth and regulates it. It is often said that prevention is better than cure, then why not take advantage of this simple strategy and live a healthy lifestyle? Drinking good amounts of water prevents constipation and thus piles.

5 Salads-

We advise individuals to consume salads like cucumber every day, right after breakfast. Carrot have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial for curing piles. They also include vitamin C and K, which are known to improve vein health.

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