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There are lots of studies and of nutrition experts increasingly speak of the now well-known biological clock. Of course, it is known to experts, but is it? And why is it so important?

The clock of the organs, or biological clock, according to traditional Chinese medicine every single functional system of the body achieves at any given time of the day the maximum of its activity and at another time the minimum. The digestive system, or the functional systems of the stomach and spleen, are particularly strong and energy between 7 and 11, while they are weak in the evening, between 19 and 23. Digest is a process of nature yang, which needs strength and creates heat, and yang is at the maximum of his own capacity during the first half of the day, while yields at the yin from the afternoon and into the night.

Ideal breakfast
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“Following the clock theory of organs as energy meal should be breakfast, while the lighter dinner. So if you have to eat breakfast by emperors, lunch and dinner from principles by beggars in the morning we should focus more alive and nutritious foods, “says Lena Tritto, food consultant, home cooking teacher and lecturer at the Tao School of Bologna .

“White flour, so devoid of its beneficial properties, refined sugar and milk, produced” wetting “and then heavy, would not be shown for the first part of the day. alternatives could be an avocado cream and banana, the kneading of cereals, home-made whole meal bread with honey, seeds and dried fruit, hazelnut cream and cocoa without preservatives or gone sweetened with raisins and seasonal fruit platter very digestible because cooked long and ideal in case of illness as a tonic food. Among the various benefits of this diet there is also that of weight reduction, ideal for those who want to lose weight without too many sacrifices since the morning you can indulge in a hearty meal, “concludes Tritto.

We have surrounded these words in a perfect breakfast for your Yang, so as to have a more and more charged and satisfying morning.

  1. Never skip it. Breakfast is a daily pleasure, but also a meal in all respects, important and necessary as lunch and dinner.
  2. Always better at home. Alone or in company, rather than hastily at the bar.
  3. Never less than 15 minutes. Predicament convenient to enjoy this meal quietly (to race there the rest of the day).
  4. A coffee and forth? No thanks! A breakfast without eating anything is not a breakfast (and you risk of getting fat more).
  5. With the fruit is better. Next to biscuits, bread and rusks with jam or spreads, cereals and yogurt, never forget to put on the table some fruit or a juice.
  6. Long live the variety. We try to bring to the table every day a new ingredient or to alternate the ones we like the most. If we change the menu, our breakfast becomes more good (and healthier).
  7. set the table and prepare the ingredients the night before. So we gain precious moments to devote to the ritual of a gentle awakening.
  8. Soft or crunchy? The texture, the smells, the colors of the food are “salt” of the breakfast: we learn to know them, alternate them and, above all, enjoy them.
  9. With the boys there is no hurry to hold. If we begin to do a good breakfast, they too will get used to skip it (and it is not a good habit for anyone who is growing).
  10. The secret ingredient? A smile, in the early morning, it helps us to get off on the right foot and makes it more pleasant to share this moment with people who you love.

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