Steps to Prepare a Life Project

Life Project-We come to this world with a mission, that mission unknown but so strong that it manages to make us breathe and gives us wings.  How many people want to be like us, and how many times have we wanted to be like someone?

The feelings are the machine that accelerates my projection to and from whom and what I love, the need to be happy guarantees that this love is perpetuated. Certain basic conditions are required to build a lasting project of life, and to make opportunities a prosperous tree, that reality involves all the potentialities, the key is to develop them.

Let’s see this organism that we will call person-environment. Design a life project, it’s like a stairway to heaven, new elements will always arrive; those elements have to do with the personality traits, and the structure of the social environment, we will see those types of vital projects.

Steps to elaborate a life project

life project

The first thing is to define two elements of great importance, the environment and the knowledge of oneself:

  • It is to find out what are the questions that I must ask myself before undertaking a project for the future, to get as much information as possible, that can guide me to concrete results, interpret interests, discover skills and promote the ability to repair, and ask help, because although undertaking is personal, the results can be affected by other people.
  • At the moment in which that life project is defined, one must have the capacity to protect interests without harming others, to defend ideas that diminishes our character and makes us less defenseless to the environment.
  • First step, where I am
  • How strong I am
  • How weak I am
  • I write my own story
  • I name the people that have most influenced my life! What have they added to me?
  • What have I dreamed since always? How do I see it now? How have my interests changed?
  • What things that have happened to me have marked me? How have they influenced me in what I am now?
  • In what have I triumphed? How have I taken it?
  • In which I have not had so much success?, How I have taken it?
  • What decisions am I proud of? Which ones embarrass me? In what have they influenced?

Traits of my personality. Of each of these five aspects, what do I like more? What displeases me?

  • Physical appearance
  • Deal with other people
  • Spirituality
  • Emotionalism
  • Intellect
  • Vocations

What I believe to be

  • What conditions have facilitated my development? Which ones have driven it?
  • What and what circumstances have hindered my development? What have inhibited it?
  • How Can I change?
  • How can I develop?
  • Why did not I want to change? (argument)
  • Why do I want to change?
  • I analyze the information in an objective way, putting myself in the obscuring place and I wonder
  • What will be the plan of action to follow?
  • I transform my dream into reality, who will I be? I find the meaning of dreams from the objective view
  • What have I always dreamed of?
  • What elements do I have to make my dreams come true?
  • How can I overcome the impediments that reality poses for me to realize my dreams?
  • What do I have in me to facilitate and enrich my dreams?
  • What do I have in me to face the impeding conditions?
  • How will I feel that he manages to fulfill with me? And, if I have not succeeded, what solutions can I propose?
  • Then what should I do? What Next?

I design the sketch of life. My purpose in life is

I define what I have and how I am going to apply it: What is my reality? That I have? What I need? What I can do? What I am going to do?

The route to follow in the life project

This is about defining the bases on which the candidate has to elaborate his life project. It is required to accept itself as it is, and objectively to see that it surrounds it; by lying you can alter the result and simply not be able to define the project well.

The age. Since we were children we have accumulated countless experiences; the mind of the child is a burning recorder, through the playful “archives” all the first information of the outside world, so we will take the playful approach to the goal, “nothing more serious than a game of children.” Being adolescents, things start to change; this is a transcendental stage in adult life. This is where men and women are formed. The changes in the body, in the mind, in the feeling of affection, in the conscience, in the whole being, this point is key, this is where the child of yesterday is uselessly murdered to make way for the conditioned adult.

There is already a gap between the life of the parents and the independent life of the child. It begins to define in truth what will be the path to undertake. And changes are so rapid that adults can not perceive the complex fabric of circumstances, so they begin to impose their ways of life without really asking if this is what this seeker wants and sometimes creates conflicts that almost They always remain unanswered questions. And those are the answers that in adulthood create insecurities, because when they reach another floor of life and the conditioning they have done their silent work.

The social condition. The environment affects our development, and suddenly our expectations, but can never be a pretext for the limitation of actions, it is not true in this case that premise that says “who walks between honey something hits”, if we start from The principle that each person is an architect of their own destiny, would invalidate any theory about influence. Even so, the environment contributes to our vision, both positive and negative, and it is at this point that the intuitive capacity acquires value. When observing the difficulties of other people we notice from the point of the observer, that we also share many solutions, and we can develop a plan to solve possible conflicts based on social experience.

Education. This conditioning is of vital importance, the search for knowledge leads to the formulation of hypotheses, and these two decision making, which will mark the tangible future of life. The conditioning starts from the point of view of economic influence, fashion and status. At this point what others want may seem profitable to them, and what others do for this purpose may affect the vision. There is nowhere to ask the first question, what do I want to do with my life?

And since the answers are multiple, the confusion will come and another question will arise. Is that what I really want? When responding you should ask again. In the future, will that self be truly happy? When I get a positive response I will have another question: What values ​​and what attitudes will be the basis for supporting my life? How much selfishness will I have to adhere to? And the thought of my weight will it provides me with pleasure? , Of money? Will I exploit someone on the road? Will I have time to love? Will I be fair? How easy will it be? It is not easy to decide.

Personal map

By getting the answer you can already create a mental map of the situation versus the relationships; with this map, a route to be followed is defined. You have to be especially careful in the way I am going to “involve” people in my life project, depending on the assigned values, you have to take action; For example, if it detects that the family is a bit in negative values, you should try to raise the score to make a real support, or if they are very high, lower a point to achieve balance.


Relationships with the environment are drawn in our mind. Arrows, holes and other objects that create an idea of ​​the space where I live. That is to say: when thinking of an arrow I will interpret direction, when thinking about holes I will see falls.

To focus more on the subject we are going to use the playful: We will

Describe 10 everyday objects, to each object we will give it a personality and an intrinsic value. If any situation around the object comes close to what our mental map describes, it is purely coincidental, but we must be very careful, it may be a warning that something is happening.

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