Most Common Types of Spas in 2022

As the spa and recreation industries remain to flourish, a higher range of day medspas and resorts are arising.

Recognizing what is used by each can be complex for both novices and spa-veterans alike, particularly as some spa categories can be used mutually. Getting familiar with the different types of spas may better guide your decision in becoming a spa professional. Here is a list of the various kinds, curated from

Day Spa

A day spa offers various massages, facials, saunas, and other health and relaxation treatments, which customers can get on a daily basis. Although some businesses also offer salon services, most customers prefer the spa to be separate from the salon. Hence, if you want to combine both types of services in the future, it’s best to have separate rooms for each.

Destination Spa

While customers at the day spa usually come and go, customers at a destination spa stay for at least 2-3 nights while undergoing treatments. This type of service provides treatments, exercises, educational programs, and diet programs for the customer. Some businesses offer up to 7 nights of stay-in service, with spa cuisine included, and you’ll be able to access best sa online casino for more fun.

Hotel or Resort Spa

This type of service is provided in hotels and resorts. The purpose of the service is to offer healthy options for customers who want to spend money on facials, massage, saunas, scrubs, and other spa luxuries. This service is very important, especially for travelers, sportspersons and businesspersons who are often stressed by their daily activities.

Medical Spa

The service often involves treatments that are supervised by a doctor. Among the most popular treatments include Botox and laser resurfacing. Botox is usually used as a treatment to defy age.

Cruise Ship Spa

Like hotels and resorts, cruise ships also have fitness and spa treatment centers. Customers who want to have a healthy tour aboard the ship can sign up for a series of relaxing treatments at the health center.

Airport Spa

Even airports today offer healthy treatments to passengers. These services include oxygen therapy and chair massage. While a session on a massage chair typically lasts 15 minutes, customers can request for longer treatments if they wish.

Mineral Springs Spa

Businesses that offer this service provide customers with various hydrotherapy treatments involving the use of seawater, thermal water, or natural mineral water.

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