Purchasing Workout Clothes: the Dos and Don’ts

You might think buying workout clothing is as easy as picking a size and your brightly-colored pattern of preference, but there’s a lot more to choosing the garments that are going to enhance your performance and keep you comfortable every time you hit the gym. Here are a few dos and don’ts to ensure you end up with the right workout clothes.


Match Your Exercise

There’s a reason so many different types of workout attire exist – it’s because they are made for specific activities. A tennis skirt isn’t going to perform the same way running pants or cycling shorts do, so it’s important to make sure you find the right garments for your intended activity.

Read the Labels

Not all workout clothing is made equally. Some garments have venting to cool you down. Others have fibers specially designed to wick away moisture and keep you dry. Some offer different levels of support or compression. Read the labels so you know what you’re paying for and the type of performance you can expect.


Bend and Stretch

The best way to make sure exercise apparel is going to work for you is to give it a test run, so to speak. Don’t be afraid to bend, stretch, jump, jog, and move when trying on garments in a store. You might not work up a sweat, but you’ll quickly discover if garments pinch, slip, or otherwise irritate or fail to perform properly.



Sorry to say, good workout clothes are not cheap. They are, however, worth the money. When you spend more to purchase a supportive sports bra, fabrics that offer breathable and wick away properties, and garments designed to move with you, you’re going to be comfortable and confident every time you work out, enhancing your efforts. You’ll also find that the pricier garments tend to last longer.

Forget to Look in the Mirror

Some brands have had scandals over the sheer nature of garments, which turn into a peep show when you go into downward dog. Make sure to look at your workout garments from all angles to ensure they offer the coverage you prefer.

Ruin Your Everyday Wardrobe

It’s tempting to throw on some khaki shorts and your “I love Jesus but I cuss a little shirt” when you’re heading to the gym or going for a hike, but street clothes are not intended to hold up to the rigors (and sweat) of working out. You’re just going to ruin them with sweat stains, stretching, and tearing the fabric.

Instead of purchasing regular clothes and relying on them for double duty, bite the bullet and buy garments specifically designed to hold up to the stresses of exercise. You’ll enjoy greater comfort every time you work out and save your regular wardrobe in the process.

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