What Is macraweave?

You may have tried macrame if you enjoy cord crafts, but have you heard of macraweaving? This hybrid craft takes macrame to a new level by incorporating weaving into the mix. Let’s take a closer look at macraweave and how you can use it to create decorative projects.
Macraweaving basics

Macraweaving is a fun way to add interest and detail to your macrame pieces. Macrame typically uses a system of decorative knots with spaces in between, and it is in these spaces that you can add weaving to bring more colours and textures to your project.

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Weaving as an art form

Weaving is an ancient craft. As discussed by the University of Cambridge it was used creatively as far back as the Palaeolithic times. Keeping this art alive is a joy, and you can make some beautiful creations to decorate your home by combining it with macrame.

How to start macraweaving

To begin your first macraweaving project, it is easiest to start with a traditional macrame kit. These are widely available from retailers such as and come in many styles.

Start your project with your macrame base layer. Once you have completed this, you can weave in other materials, such as felt, wooden beading, fabric, and colourful yarns and cords.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes for your projects. Macrame can be completed on straight pieces of dowel; alternatively, you can use a circular frame to create mandala-style patterns and weaves.

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Macrame and macraweaving are both fun, relaxing, and a great way to add a personal accent to your home décor. If you like to create something a little different and be sure to receive plenty of compliments from everyone who sees your projects, try your hand at macraweaving.

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