Worried About Coronavirus? 5 Tips to Help Manage Anxiety

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic means that life has changed for all of us for a while. It’s understandable that you may feel stressed, anxious, and worried about what lies ahead in the future. If you’re prone to anxiety, try and remember that the situation is temporary, and these difficult feelings will subside.


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There are small but effective things you can do to help keep your mental health in check during these uncertain times, and here are just 5 of them.

Talk to Family and Friends

If you’re having to self-isolate, being away from your nearest and dearest can be overwhelming. Maintaining healthy relationships with your friends and family is vital for your mental wellbeing, so keeping digitally connected can stop you feeling alone. Whether it’s a video call with your friends, or phoning up your parents, keeping in touch with one another can help you feel like you’re not on your own.

Be Open About Your Worries

During this pandemic, it’s normal to feel scared, helpless, or worried. If you have any concerns or worries that you want to get off your chest, it’s better to get them out in the open, rather than bottling things up inside. There are services like KCC Direct- Online Mental Health Counseling and Psychiatry who you may be interested in speaking to. Speaking to somebody about how you’re feeling may reduce anxiety levels and leave you feeling more positive afterwards.

Support and Help Others

In addition to getting help yourself, helping others in need can give you enormous benefits. While there are many negatives that COVID-19 has brought to the world, there are many positives too, with communities coming together and doing good deeds for others. Try and have a think about others in your neighborhood who could do with your help. Even a phone call to a person who is at high-risk can make all the difference and help you stay connected.

Look After Your Body

If you’re having to stay at home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that you look after your body throughout. Your physical health will have a major impact on how you feel, so try and stick to eating healthily, getting plenty of sleep, and drinking enough water. Regular exercise can release endorphins in your brain which will help you feel more positive and upbeat. For those who are used to a routine, having everything change can be distressing, so try and create a temporary routine which can add structure and organization to your day.

Stick to the Facts

With so many rumors circulating throughout the press and social media about coronavirus, it can be hard to know who to believe. Instead of scrolling through your Facebook page for information, it’s best to stick with government websites that are a credible source. While it’s important to keep up to date, having the news on 24/7 will only increase stress and anxiety.

We all react differently to situations, so while one individual may take this pandemic in their stride, it’s normal for others to feel anxious and nervous. All the advice above can help keep you feeling more positive throughout this situation and help reduce stress levels.

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