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Exercises for thighs: strengthen them with this table

Exercises for thighs-Three or four days a week will be enough to get your thighs and gluts in shape. With the exercises you will find in the following pages you can do it in a heartbeat.

Although you can also divide them according to the muscles and train each day an area of ​​your body. And if you want a more complete workout we also propose these simple exercises to lose weight and be in shape.

The exercises for highs are, in particular, one of the most difficult areas to tone, so let’s focus on them. But by practicing proper thigh exercises, we can do it. It is not even necessary to go to a gym, since you can practice these exercises in your living room. You can even watch TV while you do it!

However, not only thighs deserve our attention. Therefore, in the following pages we have compiled the best exercises for thighs and gluts. They are very easy to make and are designed for beginners, so if you want to show off beautiful legs this summer, we will give you the key according to the areas you want to work with.

Top exercises for thighs

Exercises for thighs

Thigh training

Now let’s talk about thigh training, which is the main concern of your legs in many women. Do each of these exercises in two sets of 10 repetitions, resting 20 seconds between each of them.

  • Exercise 1. Lie on your side with your head resting on your arm. Flex the lower leg slightly and stretch the upper one with the foot pointing towards the ground. The exercise consists of lifting the upper leg.
  • Exercise 2. Lie on your side with your head resting on your arm as in the image. Extend one leg and flex the other by resting your foot on the ground. Lift the leg you have stretched 10 times and do the same with the other, changing position.

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Leg training

Because of standing all day, most women get cardinals in their legs. Practicing specific exercises can help us eliminate them, and not only that, but they also serve to reduce cellulite.

There are some very easy exercises to do that you can practice to tone your legs, especially the back and without leaving home! If you are used to exercising regularly, we recommend that you do them with small weights to strengthen your ankles. Due to the extra weight you will get more strength and you will achieve faster results.

  • Exercise 1. Lie on your back with your hands behind your back with your legs stretched out. Lift one leg with force without flexing it and lower it slowly maintaining the rigidity. Do the same with the other leg.
  • Exercise 2. Lie on your stomach and try to touch your buttocks with your heels. Do the exercise slowly and repeat with the other leg.

Gluteal training

Too wide, fat or flat: the ass is something that drives us crazy. To make sure that your back is in good shape, you must do something. The good thing is that, if you train your buttocks, you will exercise your legs at the same time, so, with the same exercise, you will achieve twice as much success.

In addition, buttock exercises do not require any special equipment and most of them can be done at home. Something that you should keep in mind is to use slippers with non-slip soles, since you will need a firm position when you do these exercises.

  • Exercise 1. Place your feet firmly on the ground. Grab a dumbbell with each hand and lower by bending your knees while bending your arms down.
  • Exercise 2. Stand with your legs in an inverted V shape and bend one knee to transfer all your weight to that side. Then repeat the operation with the other knee.

Training for a flat stomach

Get a flat stomach? Many women desperately seek to reduce the width of our abdomen and strengthen the muscles to achieve the long-awaited flat belly.

We are sure that you know perfectly the exercises necessary to get your abdomen in shape, but what is missing is motivation. Definitely change the idea you have towards them and start your training to achieve it.

So as not to make unconvincing excuses and exercise your belly regularly you should do a planning. Choose three or four days a week at the time that best suits you and get down to work. It does not matter whether it’s in the morning or at night, but that you feel comfortable and do them regularly.

Do each of these exercises in two series. The first of 10 repetitions rests 20 seconds, and the second of 20 repetitions.

  • Exercise 1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, with your arms behind your head. Next, lift the upper part of the body until the shoulder blades do not touch the ground.
  • Exercise 2. Lie on your back and lift both legs slightly so they are not in contact with the ground. Hold one extended and fold the other while, with the arms behind the head, you touch the elbow on the opposite side of the body. Repeat the exercise alternating both sides.

Arm training

Say goodbye to those flabby arms! We bring you two very practical exercises to put your arms in shape. Of course, nobody wants to have a muscular arms like the Madonna, but would you say no to well defined little biceps?

To train the arms you can use from weights to bottles of water. If you decide to buy equipment, get a game that brings different weights or that is adjustable. This is very practical when you train arms usually because, to demand a little more, you will only have to place an additional weight.

If you choose to work with bottles, a 1.5 or 2 liter will suffice to start with. You can fill them with water or sand and they will help you to intensify the exercises of arms that we propose to you next.

Do each of these exercises in two series. The first of 10 repetitions rests 20 seconds, and the second of 20 repetitions.

  • Exercise 1. Grab a weight in each hand of 1 to 3 kg. Separate your feet and bend your back forward while flexing one arm towards the body and stretching the other back. Do the same with the other arm.
  • Exercise 2. With your chest erect, press your arms against your body. Now flex your arms up and down slowly.

Entremalesinto shoulders

It may seem boring to train your shoulders and you may wonder why you should exercise that part of the body. There are two reasons: when you train your shoulders you strengthen the muscles of your back, which will help to tone it. And the stronger these muscles are, the less pain and tension you’ll accumulate in the neck.

On the other hand, when training the shoulders you also exercise the arms, so you will achieve a double effect when practicing these exercises.

As in arm training, you will also need weights or a few bottles of water. Make sure that during the exercise you are fully erect and press your arms down. Do these exercises regularly, preferably three times a week.

Do each of these exercises in two series. The first of 10 repetitions rests 20 seconds, and the second of 20 repetitions.

  • Exercise 1. Take a dumbbell between 1 and 3 kg with each hand. Lift arms slightly bent at shoulder height and lower slowly.
  • Exercise 2. Lift your arms vertically with the weights in your hands and lower yourself to shoulder height.

Waist training

Having a flat stomach is accompanied by a fit waist. There are many exercises to train without dying in the attempt, such as the lateral abdominals, which also serve to train the abdomen.

The two that we propose to you next are very practical, because besides the waist, you will train the arms. In the second, especially, the exercise intensifies thanks to the weights.

Do each of these exercises in two series. The first of 10 repetitions rests 20 seconds, and the second of 20 repetitions.

Exercise 1. Place the legs in a V shape. Lower the upper body towards the left foot. Go back slowly and repeat the exercise by flexing towards the right foot. Repeat alternately in both directions.

Exercise 2. Stand straight while holding a weight between 1 and 3 kg with each hand. Make an oscillating movement towards the sides while stretching the arm of the part that bends down and flexes the opposite part upwards.

Chest and back training

A strong back will save you a lot of pain and tension. That is why it is important to train her on a regular basis. The same goes for the chest. The tension accumulated in these areas of the body, can be very harmful if they are not in shape.

The back exercises are designed to train simultaneously with chest and arms. It is advisable to vary the weight you use as the weeks advance, since you will strengthen and obtain better results.

Do each of these exercises in two series. The first of 10 repetitions rests 20 seconds, and the second of 20 repetitions.

Exercise 1. Lie on your back with your arms extended at right angles to your body and with a dumbbell in each hand. Now raise your arms without flexing them by joining your wrists over the chest. Then lower your arms slowly.

Exercise 2. Stand up with your legs straight and your feet slightly turned. Bend your back down at a right angle with your legs and raise both arms at the same time until you reach shoulder height. Repeat this movement lowering slowly.

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