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Lose weight in summer: 5 best diets

We lose weight In summer easier than, say, in winter: in the heat does not pull at fatty food, and in the diet appears more vegetables and fruits. Reduce weight without harm to health can be, following any of the five summer diets.

Doctors do not tire of telling us: do not sit on diets, it’s dangerous and pointless – and you’ll undermine your health, and then the weight will come back. But if you can not, but really want, then … you can! Moreover, it is not difficult to lose weight in the summer: in the heat, it is easier for us to give up fatty foods. Together with an expert, we chose the 5 best summer diets.

Lose weight in summer: the main ruleslose weight In summer

“Any diet is an unbalanced diet,” recalls Ekaterina Belova, a nutritionist, chief physician at the Center for Personal Dietetics “The Nutrition Palette.” – Therefore, you can stick to them for only a very short time. And do not wait for miracles. Whatever diet you promise, lose 10-15 kg per week even on a very meager menu, you can only if you initially have a very large overweight and you first start to fight it. Sixty-kilogram girl on a stiff diet for a week to 50 kg in winter or in the summer will not lose weight, only worries and health will undermine. ” Raed more: Methods of treatment of trophic ulcers of lower extremities

If you agree to play by these rules, it remains to choose a suitable meal plan. “The best summer diet is the carbohydrate, ” says Ekaterina Belova. – Protein is not suitable. They create an additional burden on the kidneys, which in the heat and so is not sweet – they have to surpass a lot of liquid – and also restrict us in the consumption of fruits and vegetables. But the summer is the time to be vitaminized. ”

How to choose a summer diet?lose weight In summer

We compared 5 popular nutrition plans that will help you to lose weight in summer comfortably. On average, such diets will help get rid of three or four extra pounds. More accurate figures depend on the individual characteristics of the organism. Read more: Panic attacks: How to deal with them? Find your method!

The Six Petals Diet

It is the principle. Pure carbohydrate-protein interleaving. The diet is designed for six days, the first of which allows you only fish, the second – vegetables, the third – the chicken, the fourth – cereals, the fifth – cottage cheese and the sixth – fruit.

Dietician’s comment: “The diet is good already because it is short and uneventful due to the fact that the menu changes every day, and we get enough carbohydrates, while not depriving ourselves of proteins. Fruits and vegetables can be chosen on their own, that is, again, the diet diversify and as a result not to suffer much from the lack of some nutrients.

The only thing in which I would adjust this summer diet is “deprived” of its fruit and vegetable juices, which are allowed respectively in fruit and vegetable days. They contain a lot of active substances, this is almost a medicine, which is not necessary for the body and so under stress because of dietary restrictions. ”

Buckwheat diet

It is the principle. As you might guess, the main character of this summer diet is buckwheat. In some cases, only one of them is left in the menu, in others – “in the company” with non-calorie vegetables like radish and radish or low-fat kefir. And in any case, the rump is recommended to soak for the night, and not boil.

Commentary by a nutritionist: “There’s no point in soaking buckwheat. When cooking, some vitamins, and especially vitamin C, are actually destroyed, but this crop is not rich enough for them. Perhaps it was meant that buckwheat is difficult to boil until smearing: in this case, its glycemic index rises. But this problem can be solved in a different way – bringing it only to semi-preparedness.

Cooked to al dente, it will be well saturated and at the same time easy to digest. It is better to prefer those diet options where the croup is combined with other products: so you will get more different useful substances. In particular, with the diet of buckwheat plus low-fat kefir (1 liter per day), you will also receive a portion of the lung in the assimilation of protein. “

Celery Soup Diet

It is a principle. The basis of this diet is vegetable soup, in which, along with the celery, other vegetables also go. The menu is painted for seven days, in each of them, combining the indicated dish with fruits, vegetables, low-fat sour milk, and meat.

Commentary by nutritionist Ekaterina Belova: “The diet will give us a lot of fluid, which is very important in the heat. Soups in it can be changed to make it easier: the celery does not have any magical properties, so its borscht, and cabbage soup, and green, and something cooked from cauliflower – if only all these soups were vegetarian and without harmful additives like broth cubes, which is advised to add to the dish in some dietary options. ”

Liquid diet

It’s principle. And again everything is clear from the title: there is only liquid food – oat broths, meat broth, sugar-free compotes, fruit and vegetable juices, kefir … And strictly observing the regime, one should eat food every hour.

Commentary by a nutritionist: “Like the celery, it will give us a lot of necessary summer fluids. However, you can apply it only by modifying it. Exclude juices: as I said, they create an additional burden for the body. Instead of “empty” broths cook not fatty and not too thick soups (you can cook and cold ). Include in the menu home jelly and eat less often: every 3 hours. ”

Alkaline diet

It is a principle. All products are divided into those that are alkalized, and those that acidify the body. The first (mainly vegetables and fruits, including acid citrus fruits as well) are used, the latter (products of animal origin) are harmful. If their ratio in the diet is 80% and 20%, respectively, you will not only lose weight but also avoid a variety of diseases.

Dietitian comment: “The recommended ratio of animal and plant foods in this diet corresponds to the food pyramid. That is, if you stick to it and at the same time make an emphasis on vegetables and fruits, rather than on cereals, start eating small meals and small portions and at the same time start to cook and bake food, but do not fry, you really will have all the chances to lose weight . Vitaminize. And to come to a healthy diet that can be painlessly observed all life. ”

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