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Anxietyfightersguide.com accepts articles and comments from guests. You can write for us on a regular basis or only once. The most important thing is that your article has to be unique, interesting and must follow our editorial guidelines.

If you have not written for us before, please do not send us ready-made articles. Contact our editor to talk about your ideas first.

Editorial Guidelines

  • The recommended number of words: 400-800, however, we are pleased to receive more extensive contributions, although they can be edited by extension if necessary.
  • The titles should be between 8-12 words. They should refer to the argument/content of the article in the most persuasive way. Ask yourself, would you read this article seeing only the title? Would you share it?
  • Indicate your main idea in the first paragraph. Whatever the subject of your article, make sure it is clearly reflected in the first paragraph, ideally in the first sentence. Ask yourself if you would continue reading it after the first paragraph.
  • Write short sentences, including only one idea/concept/argument in each sentence.
  • Keep the paragraphs short, ideally no more than three sentences.
  • Avoid using jargon unless it is essential to the article
  • Write in active mode whenever possible (for example “I write this blog” instead of “This blog is written by me”)
  • Includes sources with links for all facts/quotes/references.
  • It includes the social networks (Twitter and Facebook) of any organization or person mentioned in the article.


We thank you to send us at least one image, with a minimum width of 600 pixels and a minimum height of 200 pixels. You must be the owner of the copyright, or send us an image that you are authorized to share. Pixebay.com is a good source of free images.

Information about the author

  • Include your biography (approximately 100 words) if it is the first article you submit.
  • Include a picture of you (approximately 100 * 100 pixels) if it is the first item you send.
  • It includes some social networks that you use professionally or academically.
  • Indicate social media groups that you think you might be interested in your article.

Additional Information

  • The articles will be published under the name of the author, including his biography and the links to his social networks that have been indicated.
  • If applicable and has been previously accepted, the articles will be accompanied by the logo of the organization that the author represents.
  • We reserve the right to edit the content of the article by style. The indicated argument will not be changed in any way.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any item.
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