Blue is the most common color in men’s clothing, of all ages. The classic elegant men’s suits in various shades of blue present in everyone’s wardrobes, during the occasions, are periodically reused, often with a white shirt. So how to reinvent it, spending little, even just with a tie? You can evaluate different options including […]


Recognized around the world for its ability to imitate human language, the parrot is one of the birds with the greatest history and representativeness for the human being, it has been the subject of countless myths, humorous characters, among others. These characteristics that make these birds special have led them to be in danger of […]

Canned tuna in pregnancy: is it really dangerous because of mercury?

Canned tuna in pregnancy

Certain types of fish such as swordfish or canned tuna when pregnant should be restricted due to the large amounts of mercury they contain. But what does it mean? Let’s go in order and try to understand what are the precautions to be taken if you are pregnant.

Baby haircuts : methods for a perfect homemade cut

Baby haircuts

Cutting a child’s hair is often difficult, especially because sometimes it is not easy to make them sit still for a long time, and we cannot always take them to the hairdresser. So let’s see some tips to cut our children’s hair at home in a simple way. Cutting a child’s hair is not always […]

Christmas dinner 2020: how many people will there be at the table according to the new DPCM?

Christmas dinner

How does the Christmas dinner change with the DPCM? How many people will be able to sit at the table? Will we be able to go to midnight mass? The second wave of COVID-19 that we all expected has changed our habits again. And when it comes to habits, it is impossible not to look […]

Blue lipstick: who is it good for and how to best apply it

If you are a lipstick fan then you can’t miss the new beauty trend to be discovered: black or blue lipstick for an aggressive look! To each the lipstick, they prefer! By now, in fact, lipsticks are no longer just red, nude, or those brown shades that were very popular in the 90s.