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Rash on the abdomen

The appearance of a rash on the abdomen is always a disturbing sign of disruption of the body. Such a rash may look different, depending on the causes of its appearance. It appears in both children and adults (see ” Rash on the body of an adult “). In appearance, the rash is manifested:

·         in the form of small scattered spots, differing in color and texture from healthy skin;

·         in the form of large spots that merge with each other;

·         by color, the rash is divided into the discolored skin and intensifying its coloration; The  rash may appear as white, pink and red spots;

·         in structure it can be similar to vesicles filled with fluid, keratinized skin cells, white or light gray scales, scabs and the like;

·         The rash may differ in temperature from surrounding tissues.

Causes of rash on the abdomenrash on the abdomen

For any rash is characterized by itching, it varies in intensity, depending on the causes of the appearance. Eruptions on the skin of the abdomen can be a simple reaction of the body to an allergen (for example, when allergic to cats ), or it may be a symptom of a severe infection. The causes of such symptoms can be as follows:

Allergy – with the use of certain foods, medicines, when contacting animals or indoor plants, there may be a rash not only on the stomach but also on other parts of the body. With allergies a person, as a rule, experiences drowsiness, increased sneezing and tearfulness of the eyes, itching at the site of the localization of the rash. Read more: 7 tips to keep your face without spots

Dermatitis is a skin disease manifested as a rash, which can not manifest itself in any way.

Psoriasis and eczema are also skin diseases, which are accompanied by the appearance of rashes on the body, as well as on the hands.

Herpes – in this case, the rash on the abdomen looks like a “belt”, located along the line of the last rib.

The belly does not itch.

Violation of the rules of personal hygiene, especially in children – with improper care of the body (prolonged stay in a damp environment, impure underwear, etc.), there may be a rash on the abdomen. Read more: We talk about health and beauty. Stay young and healthy: Sleep, Eat and moisturize.

Scabies mite – a parasite on the skin of a person, causing a rash on the abdomen, back, between the fingers, both in children and adults. For scabies is characterized by the presence of paired rashes at a small distance from each other. Itching during scabies is worse at night. For more information, see the article ” Scabies – Symptoms, and Treatment of Disease “.

Infectious Diseases. In measles, scarlet fever, chickenpox, rubella, children also develop a rash. For each infectious disease, the character of the rash is “own” – with scarlet fever, it is localized mainly in the lower abdomen and inguinal area, it itches heavily, and after a few days turns into peeling. When measles, these symptoms appear 3-4 days after the disease. In this case, the rash first appears on the head, accompanied by itching of the scalp, and then spreads to the lower part of the body, including the stomach.

Eruption on the skin with infectious diseases is bright red and has a well-defined structure, such a rash with nothing you do not confuse. When a rash appears in infections, the patient also feels fever, apathy, weakness, and sometimes a clouding of consciousness. Read this also

Methods for treating rashes on the skin of the abdomenrash on the abdomen

Treatment of the rash on the abdomen coincides with the treatment of the causes of its appearance. In any case, the occurrence of a rash, you should consult a doctor. With allergies, antiallergic drugs, such as tablets and ointments, are used, and the cause of the allergy (pets, foods, etc.) is also eliminated.

In skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis), the treatment of a rash on the abdomen also involves taking medications and ointments. When scabies treatment is quite complex and lengthy. Scabies mite is a very contagious disease. When it is removed, extensive disinfestation of the premises is made. Treatment of rash on the stomach with scabies is to isolate the patient from healthy people, thorough cleaning of all hygiene products, clothes, bed linen, towels. The rash itself is treated with ointment.

Treatment of rash in infectious diseases is the use of antibiotics, immunostimulating drugs, antipyretic drugs. Since infections usually almost always cause fever, it is necessary to call a doctor at home.

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