Anxiety Reduction

Exploring Different Treatments for Anxiety

Those who suffer from anxiety know exactly how important it is to get help immediately. The physical and mental symptoms of anxiety can be disabling and managing it and living everyday becomes extremely difficult. It is highly stressful and can interfere with daily activities until you are unable to lead a normal life. No one wants to be stuck in the vicious cycle of constant worry, fear and apprehension so you are obviously looking for a treatment. However, there is no best or magic treatment you will find for anxiety. The truth is that everyone reacts differently to a treatment so what works for someone else may not do you any good.

There are different kinds of anxiety disorders with varying intensity and it is only through judging the symptoms that a course of action can be decided. With that said, there are a number of options at your disposal when you are exploring options for anxiety treatment. Read on to know what they are:


Cognitive behavioral therapy is, without a doubt, the best therapy treatment for anxiety. You have to bear in mind that therapy can never offer you immediate change. It is a slow and long-term process that will eventually aid you in controlling your anxiety in the future. During your therapy sessions, the psychiatrist or psychologist will help you in understanding the cause of your anxiety and identifying triggers. Then, they will assist you in mastering different techniques for overcoming your tension and stress so as to eliminate anxiety as much as possible.


Generally, anxiety medications are short-term solutions that are handy in dealing with the symptoms while therapy focuses on the cause. You will find several options like Propranolol, Zoloft, Prozac, and Ativan, but they should not be used too frequently because they can lead to dependence. You can also use Etizolam, which is an anti-anxiety drug and belongs to a class similar to benzodiazepines. It takes effect within half an hour and can also assist you in sorting out your sleeping problems that may be brought about by anxiety.

Herbal Remedies

If you want to opt for a more natural solution to your anxiety, there are herbal remedies that can also be explored for this purpose. Chamomile is one of the most renowned herbs as it has an anti-anxiety and soothing effect. Another herb that can be helpful with anxiety is kava root. Vitamin B-12 plays a vital role in our nervous system and can reduce and control stress and anxiety. Valerian is also helpful in fixing sleep problems and controlling anxiety symptoms.

Lifestyle Changes


Other than going for therapy, taking medicines and using herbal remedies, you also need to make some changes to your lifestyle to ensure the desired effect is achieved. This involves eating a balanced and healthy diet that provides you with essential nutrients, doing yoga and exercise on a regular basis that keep you healthy and calm and sleeping well so you are not tired, exhausted and more vulnerable to anxiety.  

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