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Get Control Of Your Worrying And Anxiety Before You Lose Your Mind

It is often said that fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain. This applies to many things in life. According to a recent study, research indicates that chronic anxiety and worrying could lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The connection being that always worrying about the small stuff can make you lose your mind in the long run.

There are times when it’s hard not to worry about things in your life. There are times when life throws a curve ball at you. At those times it is ok to worry…a little. After a short while you need to get back in the saddle and end the worrying.

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Some tips to stop worrying and anxiety:

Realize things aren’t always as bad as you think they are. Most of the times we think the worst of things but after all is said and done it’s not as bad as we thought it would be.

Some common situations that cause worry and anxiety:

If you lose your job, you can always find another one. People are usually willing to help you – whether it be offering support and encouragement so you don’t lose hope, or recommending you to a job they know of or best case – giving you a job.

If you get divorced, there’s millions of other people out there to choose from. So if you’re worried about being alone for the rest of your life you can forget it. There is someone out there who is a perfect fit for you. You may have to go through a few bad ones to finally get to that good one but when you do, it’ll be much sweeter after having gone through the bad ones.

If you don’t have any money, join the club. There are millions of people who struggle from paycheck to paycheck. But, there are people that do something about it and some that just worry and complain about it. Instead of watching American Idol or Lost or any of your other favorite TV shows each night you could be starting a home business online. With the numerous ways out there to make money you should have no room to complain that you have no money. Take action and start looking for legal ways to do it.

I don’t apologize for being so blunt and seemingly harsh about some very serious subjects that many people go through. I can say it because I’ve been through all of the above things. I’m still here. I’ve survived. And you can too.

Worrying and being anxious over life’s troubles is not the answer though. Get help before it costs you your mind – that would be the ultimate loss.

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