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3 meditation rules for beginners

Guys, I’ll say this – if you have panic attacks, and nothing helps, then try meditation. Well, or at you absolutely there is no opportunity to address to experts. Here are meditation rules for dummies.

3 meditation rules for beginners

meditation rules for beginners

Thousands of people travel around the country to attend festivals and celebrations of a conscious life dedicated to meditation. From the side, it seems incomprehensible how they manage to escape from the bustle around, and also meditate, being in a crowd of strangers. The whole secret is that participants in these activities regularly practice mindfulness. Read more: The secret of good health

The indisputable advantages of meditation rules are supported by hundreds of coach coaches and psychologists, and at the moment it is the most widely used way to feel yourself. This practice is designed to calm the mind, to realize one’s own thoughts and to connect the breath with the body. It helps you relax, fills with happiness and allows you to enjoy the moment.

At the same time, meditation rules do not turn off consciousness – this is impossible even for eminent masters. You can try it in completely different ways. Easy running, a leisurely walk, listening to music, keeping a diary and yoga are all available forms of meditation.

For many, it may seem like a revelation that such activities relax their mind and help them to orient themselves on things that matter. And sometimes you can not concentrate at all on yourself – consciousness just takes a break. Read more: Natural remedies for dyspepsia

meditation rules for beginners

Meditation is a state of a pause between your affairs when you for a while adjust to only the inner sensations.

#1. Follow the situation

Eliminate all the factors that will distract you. Avoid narrow and dense clothes that impede breathing and movement. Choose a free form that is suitable for both classes and even for sleep. If you are on the street – try to choose the time of day when the sun is not high enough, or before the onset of dusk. In case you start meditating at home in the presence of loved ones, say in advance that you can not continue talking for several minutes and important things should be postponed.

#2. Try different techniques

Try to perform your favorite exercise – running, swimming, walking – with effortless efforts and pay more attention to your thoughts, not to the muscles.

Choose your favorite place in the house – a bed, an armchair, a sofa – and listen to a little quiet song.

Take a walk at sunset or at dawn. No music, no phones, no talking, only you, your thoughts and the sky.

Try yoga. Even if you are a beginner, you can always start with simple postures that do not require serious physical training.

Find a pen and a sheet and write down everything that’s on your mind.

Try any of the above methods for at least five minutes. Drop the skepticism and let your mind concentrate. Once you find out what exactly works for you, repeat the exercise.

top meditation rules

#3. Use the applications


This app is recommended for people who are prone to increased nervousness, as well as for those who are struggling with panic attacks. The application offers dozens of different meditation programs, relaxing music, nature sounds, and timers – all that will help cope with a bout of irritation and anxiety.

OM. I Can Meditate

If you can not get yourself into independent work, try daily meditations with an audio instructor. You will need 15 minutes per day for each lesson, and you need to choose which program is your priority: some are divided by purpose, some by life blocks, and some by age. Also, the creators paid attention to the control of breathing and built-in special alarm clocks.


In case you can easily start work yourself, but you simply forget to follow the time – use this time for meditation. A simple and intuitive interface helps to set reminders that today you have never tried to concentrate on your own feelings, but it also shows how much time is left before the end of the exercise.


This application is a set of background sounds for meditation rules if you find it difficult to concentrate on your favorite songs. You can adjust the volume of the sounds of the rain, the forest and the crackling of the branches in the fire, mix sounds, and also save your favorite combinations.

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