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Stress: Restore Calm and Balance

Stress! How often do we hear this word, but what is it like to detect it in time and help the body to cope with it? This is what I will tell you about …

Stress is the response of the human body to overexertion, negative emotions. When a person experiences stress, the body throws into the blood hormone adrenaline, which mobilizes all the strength of the body to solve the problem. And in small doses it makes you think, look for a way out of the problem. But if you experience stress all the time, your body weakens, loses strength and efficiency.

In addition, the state of constant stress is the cause of many health problems from the side of immunity, heart, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system. The causes of stress can be anything that takes a person out of a state of equilibrium, causing irritation and discontent. These reasons can be both external (job change, health problems, relocation), and internal (self-esteem, life values and priorities).

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What are the symptoms of stress?

  • Constant feeling of irritation, depression, often without special reasons.
  • Bad, restless sleep, drowsiness during the day and insomnia at night.
  • Depression, physical weakness, headache, fatigue, unwillingness to do anything.
  • Reduction of concentration of attention, memory, working capacity.
  • Inability to relax, forget for a while about worries and problems.
  • Lack of interest in others, even relatives and friends, friends.
  • Tearfulness, melancholy, pessimism, self-pity.
  • Decreased appetite or seizure of stress / excessive eating of food.
  • The appearance of a nervous tic, a syndrome of compulsive actions: a man bites his lips, gnaws at fingernails, etc.

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If you notice some of these symptoms, then it’s time to take care of yourself, to restore calm and balance …

  • Change your diet to a lighter, well digestible, in small amounts. Enrich the diet with protein, vegetable oils, vitamins (especially group B, which are rich in all green vegetables, bananas, nuts, cereal bread and bran, almonds, fish, milk, cottage cheese, seaweed) and restrict heavy proteins (fatty meat).
  • Normalize the dream. A warm bath, pleasant music, a well ventilated, quiet place will help to sleep fully.
  • Regular physical activity will support the body in a tones, and if they become a favorite hobby, like, for example, dancing, then they will raise their spirits.
  • Help the body with the help of medicinal plants.

Anti-stress bath will restore the psycho-emotional state, relieve fatigue and nervous tension, relax, improve sleep. After its application, you will feel how the negative spreads through your body, problems recede, and fall asleep with a healing sleep that will restore your strength.

In the end, always remember that the best medicine for physical health is a good mood!

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