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Addressing Questions About Clinical Trials

As the world struggled to contain Covid and its many mutations over the last two years people were turning their attention to clinical trials, in the hope of finding a vaccine.

People from all over the world volunteered to receive experimental vaccines which could combat the deadly Covid 19.

But long before this pandemic, clinical trials have been used to fight all sorts of illnesses and form an important part of ongoing research into diseases ranging from cancer to Parkinson’s disease, with the hope of finding new and better ways to treat these illnesses.

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What are paid medical trials?

Paid clinical trials are when a person is paid for completing a trial for some new form of medical treatment. Often you will have a set of strict rules and requirements that you must follow for the duration of the trial and it may involve overnight hospital stays and close monitoring.

Are Clinical Trials Safe?

There is always an element of risk with medical trials, such as unexpected side effects, or the treatment not being as effective as the current treatment, but you will be able to talk this through with doctors before you begin, and all the necessary information will be given to you.

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Why are medical trials important?

Medical trials help the medical community to come up with new and better treatments for existing illnesses and to be able to then treat them more effectively. Without people taking part in these trials, it would be impossible to come up with new treatments.


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