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How the work of Louis Pasteur influenced other medical professionals

The medical sector covers all aspects of caring work, whether provided by doctors and nurses or those who work in Gloucester Support Worker Jobs like those from The aim of medical and caring work is the same. To provide support for people with a variety of conditions to be able to carry out everyday tasks and to live life as independently as possible.

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In order to be able to provide the level of care that we can today, there have had to be a number of advancements in medical science and technology. All of these have occurred as a result of people being curious enough to delve deeply into human anatomy. One such person was Louis Pasteur. His is a name that is well known throughout the scientific and medical worlds.

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Louis was a French microbiologist and chemist who discovered pasteurisation, microbial fermentation and some of the first aspects of vaccination. Much of his research has been used to help further develop public health management as well as hygiene methods that are now used throughout the world. He was an influence to many, including Joseph Lister, who studied Pasteur’s work when he worked to discover a way to combat operative sepsis. It was by studying the work of Pasteur and analysing cases of operative sepsis that Lister was able to recommend the use of carbolic acid to clean wounds. This has been further expanded upon, and we now have the sterilisation of surgical equipment and the use of antiseptics to regularly clean wounds.

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