Identity Thief, the 2013 comedy highlighting the real dangers of online fraud

The very cleverly written and hilarious comedy, “Identity Thief” starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman brings to the big screen the story of an everyday man, “Sandy Patterson” who while living in Denver gets conned out of disclosing his bank and personal details to an online con artist (calling from Florida), “Diana” who convinces him she is actually offering him protection from fraud!  If only Sandy had known about professional companies such as who specialise in AML ID VERIFICATION, Anti-Money Laundering Verification then maybe he wouldn’t have so readily given all his banking and personal information to a complete stranger!

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Sandy doesn’t know his cards have been hacked and his information stolen until he tries to pay for petrol and his Bank card is declined. Even then he doesn’t really appreciate what big trouble he is in until he is arrested for not appearing at a court hearing in Florida!  The detectives eventually disclose to Sandy that his identity has been stolen by somebody in Florida and they can’t arrest anyone until the person concerned goes to Denver!  Having received a phone call from a hair salon in Florida reminding him of an appointment, Sandy drives there to confront the thief.

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He finds “Diana” at the salon using his bank card but after a struggle she gets away and takes his car keys and drives off in his car!  The film finally arrives at a great conclusion but really highlights how easy it is for a stranger to access all your personal details and steal your identity, so be aware of these online scams!

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