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Celiac Disease: What To Eat and What Not?

Everything you need to know about gluten-free foods according to the Celiac Association’s accountant

The celiac disease is a chronic intolerance to gluten, a protein complex present in many cereals. A cure to fight the disease definitively does not exist. The only therapy that allows celiac disease to lead a normal life is to follow an agglutinated diet, that is, in the absence of gluten.

We find out what foods are allowed and what not …

Celiac Disease
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Celiac disease: Diet without gluten

Following a gluten free diet might seem very simple, starting from the elimination of those cereals that naturally contain gluten. But a fully agglutinated diet is difficult to achieve, because many foods may have undergone accidental gluten contamination . In fact, cereals containing gluten, which are harmful to celiac disease, can often end up in other foods during processing. Because of this, many naturally gluten free foods can be risky for celiac health.

Celiac disease: What to eat and What not?

Gluten is naturally present in cereals such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled and kamut. Therefore, all flours or foods made from these ceres should be eliminated, which are strictly forbidden by agglutinated feeding stuffs.

Patients with celiac disease is not recommended intake of flours made from cereals not containing gluten that can be produced in establishments that work prohibited foods (e.g. corn starch), because during the production may come into contact with substances that are not gluten free.

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The cereal granted that do not contain this protein are …

  • Rice in grains
  • Corn in grains or steamed
  • Buckwheat
  • Manioc
  • Quinoa
  • Mile
Celiac Disease
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All types of meat, eggs, fish, mollusks and crustaceans which are not mixed with other ingredients may be included in the agglutinated diet. While much attention should be paid to the consumption of sausages and sausages of pork, bovine and avian meat such as bresaola, mortadella, bacon and other chicken or turkey slices.

Meat and fish dishes are banned or mixed with breadcrumbs such as burgers and meatballs or cooked with condensed sauces with prohibited flours.

All foods such as milk, dairy, cheese and other vegetable substitutes are almost always granted. On the other hand, the dishes of bread-baked cheese should be excluded, and yogurt and milk made from forbidden cereals such as oats and malt.

As far as fruits, vegetables and legumes are almost all granted, especially if consumed such and which. The plants are forbidden when mixed with gluten-rich cereals, such as minestrone and soups and breaded or pastel vegetables.

Non-recommended beverages are those forbidden for example: soluble or surrogate coffee containing barley, malt and rye. Alcohol is almost entirely granted, except barley and wheat beer and drinks with flavors or other substances such as liqueurs and distillates.

Other substances at risk that celiac should exclude from diet are the mother yeast, the seitan and the balsamic vinegar produced with prohibited cereal flour.

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