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Health: 10 tips to increase your physical well-being

A mini-guide to remind us why physical activity is important and how it can be, simply, to help improve health and wellness. And is now widely shown that regular physical activity, even moderate, it helps to improve the health and quality of life. Here are 10 things that are worth knowing about.

  1. A daily physical activity reduces the risk of getting various diseases and improves mood

In particular they reduce the risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and various cancers (eg: colon and breast), stroke, osteoporosis, musculoskeletal disorders, anxiety and related disorders to the emotional sphere; prevents further risk behaviors, promotes psychological well-being through building self-esteem, autonomy and ease of management of anxiety, reduces the risk of obesity;

  1. The World Health Organization defines “physical activity” any “bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that require energy expenditure.”

This definition covers therefore not only sports but also the manual activities and the normal movements of daily life. It goes without saying that such “charitable” activities you can do at any time of the day, transforming normal daily operations for an excuse to do a little ‘exercise.

  1. There are a level of physical activities that is valid for each person because it is not easy to measure the amount of movement carried out

In 2010 the WHO has attempted to give information valid for all, by establishing the minimum amount of physical activity for three age groups:

  1. Children (5-17 years): at least 60 a day of moderate activity – vigorous, including at least 3 times a week strength exercises that may consist of motion games or sports activities;
  2. Adults (18-64 years): at least 150 a week of moderate activity or 75 of vigorous activity, with strengthening exercises major muscle groups to be carried out at least 2 times a week;
  3. Seniors (65 years and above): the signs are the same as adults, taking care to also carry out activities aimed at equilibrium.

So let’s describe what are the simple physical activities that can help improve our health and well-being, as suggested by the Ministry of Health, which lists them in detail. 

  1. If you use public transportation, get off one stop earlier and finish the walk. If you often use your car, choose to park a little farther than the final destination.

Most of our movements are less than 2 kilometers, the distance that could be covered in another way. If, however, we just cannot separate us from our 4 wheels, let’s leave it farther and farther away from the place where we’re headed. In the end, we will find that we will first walk. In addition, to walk after work stress you will need stamina and natural supplements L-Dopa will increase both your stamina and physical strength.

  1. Going to work or school on foot or by bicycle, by not taking your car for small daily commute

It seems evident the usefulness and the benefit; if daily is able to satisfy the required “dose” of movement. It will gain certainly also the quality of our cities.

  1. Take the stairs and not take the elevator.

At first, it may seem a big effort but soon become almost a necessity.

  1. Bring walking the dog, gardening or housework.

With this, we can say that we’ll get it all of them but do not delude ourselves. Because physical activity is valuable for our well being these described above are to be made every day and maybe putting a little of “verve”. In the case of dogs, then, let’s not forget shovel and bag …

  1. Go dancing

Among the many possible physical activities, the Ministry of Health indicates only the dance, definitely for the psychological and mental value that it possesses, as well as the consumption of calories. In short, we are in front (as in the case of gardening) of one of the most complete and healthy activities.

  1. Play with the kids possibly outdoors or through activities that require physical movement.

Playing is good, at all ages. Making children’s games is for adults one of the things most tiring. They are able to run and jump without interruption, while we trudge exhausted and with his tongue hanging out. But it is an activity by the high social value that has the undoubted merit of transmitting joy. Well-being is assured.

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