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Methods for cleansing the intestine

The main function of the intestine is the removal from the human body of the remains of its vital activity and deposits of toxic slag. Slagged intestine becomes a source of poisonous substances entering the body. In this article, we will consider the main ways to cleanse the intestines at home using folk remedies.

How does the intestine work?

If the intestine is not emptied on its own within 48 hours, then such a stool delay is called constipation. The person’s state of health can worsen before the appearance of a severe headache, a change in the color of the skin on the face. The liver begins to work hard, which cleans the blood of poisons, and the kidneys that remove the products of their decay.

The experience of long-livers confirms the rule: “Who chews for a long time, he lives for a long time.”

Indeed, the food must be chewed relatively long – from 30-50 times. Traditional healers believe that while the mouth does not disappear the specific smell of the product, it can not be swallowed. With a thorough chewing on the food, the feeling of satiety comes faster and overeating, as a rule, disappears. The fact is that the stomach starts signaling to the brain about saturation in 15-20 minutes after the food enters it.

To prevent such failures in the work of all body systems, doctors strongly recommend that home cleaning of the intestine be carried out with a certain period. The procedure is simple, but very effective.

cleansing the intestine
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Simple ways to cleanse

1. To clean the intestines, of course, is better at home with the help of water. Here you can safely take up this procedure. Ask for advice to folk medicine, because it is a well of useful, and good results, recipes.

The simplest recipe: in the morning before early drink a glass of cold boiled water …

2. Bran reception is recommended. Fiber and bran are excellent sources of dietary fiber. They strengthen the contractions of the intestine, facilitate the mechanical cleaning of its walls from fecal stones. Usual bran take 3 teaspoons a day.

If you do not want to swallow them with spoons, then add the bran to the first dish or porridge. And if you mix bran with honey, you will get a very tasty healthful dessert. The dose of bran should be increased to six tablespoons a day.

You can also try this recipe: 3-4 tablespoons of bran stir in 1 cup kefir, yogurt or any other liquid. Insist 3-5 minutes. The daily dose divided into 2-3 doses.

3. Try this one more recipe of salad. Two cabbage cobs, one small raw beet and one radish with skin. Grate everything on a large grater, season with vegetable oil, decorate with greens, cranberries and orange or mandarin orange slices. Radish combines well with carrots, nuts – they soften its sharpness.

Such cleansing also contributes to the normal functioning of the intestine. The coarse fibers of the cellulose mechanically remove the accumulated mucus from the walls, as a result of increased absorption, the intestinal peristalsis improves.

4. Wizards advise people suffering from constipation for a long time to cook oats or plums in water, and then drink this water on an empty stomach.

5. Pickle from cabbage (pre-heated), cherry tea and decoction from dried apples, yogurt should be drunk at least five times a day

6. A good laxative is a pickle cucumber. The patient should drink at least five glasses of brine a day. To get it, it is necessary that the cucumbers stay in a saline solution of water for at least a month.

7. Be sure to go on a diet for a while. In this case, take into account that the food should be physiologically complete, with the necessary content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Food should be taken in a non-shredded form. Cooked it should be steamed or boiled; fruits and vegetables – only raw. To stimulate the evacuation function of the intestine, you need to select a certain fruit and vegetable set. Eating – at least four times a day.

Products that promote the emptying of the intestines: sour milk; fruit and fruit juices ; vegetables boiled and raw; soaked in water figs and prunes.

8. Physical training. Try not to sit still or spend time lying in bed, and prescribe yourself a therapeutic exercise. Walk more often on foot. If there is a swimming pool, go swimming.

If the desired effect is not achieved, the doctor will prescribe an enema or laxatives. There is a wide range of medicines with a laxative effect. It is better to give preference to preparations containing plant components. These are such drugs as regulax, glaxena, senade, kafiol.

9. Enema for cleansing the body is the simplest, most effective and proven way to clean the colon. According to ancient medical sources, enemas help get rid of 80% of diseases of the human body. Enemas were used in Ancient Greece, Ancient India, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt.

The current method of cleansing the intestines with an enema is practically no different from the old one. Cleansing enemas are made with the help of a mug of Esmarch (the invention is not less than 100 years old) on the basis of pure water, infusion of medicinal herbs, for example chamomile, or adding to the water 1 tsp apple cider vinegar and salt, or 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey and lemon juice.

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