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Best advice – Many people think that the secret of grooming is in a jar with expensive care products. But this is not so.

Daily procedures sometimes prove even more effective and give our skin the necessary fuel to recharge, restore and counter the stresses that we face every day.

Best advice: Get enough sleepbest advice

Look in the mirror after the night, when you did not sleep well, constantly turning around, and understand how much your skin needs a good sleep.

Studies confirm this. According to a study published in 2013 in the journal on sleep, those who did not sleep well had swollen and reddened eyes, dark circles under the eyes, more wrinkles and flabby eyelids than those who slept well. Read more: Lose weight in summer: 5 best diets

The lowest content of cortisol is during sleep, so if you do not get enough sleep, the level of cortisol rises, which leads to a loss of collagen. You will notice it after one sleepless night. Try to sleep every day for 7.5-8 hours.

Best advice: Go in for sportsbest advice

Here’s a good motivation to move more: in people over 40 years of age, regularly exercising, the skin is like people 1.5-2 times younger, according to a study of 2014 by McMaster University in Ontario. Read more: COVERAGE AREA: HOW TO APPLY THE VARNISH AND HOW IT DIFFERS FROM CHEAP

It is not necessary to participate in marathons or to go to bed and spend the night in a yoga room to see the first results. According to the study, people who train moderately, choosing a run or a bicycle and doing half an hour twice a week, also see the benefits of training.

What is the most important thing here? Constancy. Choose what you like (walking with a dog, cycling with children), and make it your habit. You may be interested:

Best advice: Protect yourself from the sunbest advice

Sunscreen, of course, saves, but do not count only on it. During the day, its effect is reduced. To protect yourself completely from ultraviolet rays, wear sunglasses, cover your body and on the street trying to be in the shade, especially from 10 am to 4 pm. It is at this time that the sun “scorches,” and the ultraviolet rays that cause cancer are most intense. This advice applies to any season, especially for terrain at high altitude and in the presence of reflective surfaces such as snow and ice, where you can get a double dose of ultraviolet.

The very first enemy of skin youth is ultraviolet. It helps to destroy collagen, thinning the skin, leads to the appearance of pigmentation and excess blood vessels.

Best advice:  Maintain the water balancebest advice

Pay attention to the composition of your favorite moisturizer, it will probably contain hyaluronic acid. This substance is present in our skin and is a “magnet” of moisture, keeping the water we receive with food and drinks, and making the skin more elastic and dense.

How quickly to find out how dehydrated the skin is: pinch the back side of the palm or forearm. If the skin does not return quickly to the place, the body lacks water.

Best advice:  Less worry, more rejoice.

When you experience stress, the level of cortisol rises, it affects the production of collagen and leads to dry skin and wrinkles. According to a study of 2013 published in the edition of Biolodji Letters, men perceived women with a high level of stress hormone less attractive.

When stress is very good meditation helps, but this is not the only way to get rid of stress. Pamper yourself with a massage or manicure-pedicure. Training also helps to deal with stress. You better cope with stress if you have a good rest.

Best advice: Regularly peelbest advice

Skin cells are constantly updated, but with age, and also depending on the environment, the skin needs to be helped to get rid of the old layers. Do peeling once or twice a week with the help of exfoliant.

Peeling can be prepared by yourself: mix salt, sugar, honey and coconut oil to make a paste. Consistency can be more dense and rough if you have oily skin.

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